Sharp Turn Ahead: an impression

sharp turn aheadMusic
to make music
to learn those places to press down strings
to place fingers perfectly on keyboard
while the other one strums
to add voices treble-pitched
to place capo matching key
to those black and white sounds
echoed with bar chords
to perform live and make mistakes
two young brothers from Austin Texas
from the ‘lil Vietnam coffee shop
from the Triumph Cafe where they first performed
from the hands of a teacher
who guided the fingers into the frets
where they now find their way
but it took Kyle a while to learn them
from Paul
and the boy on keyboard is brother Ben
who learned from Layla
it is music
to learn to cast spells over people grouped
ready to listen to be enchanted
it is The Good Life by One Republic
practicing those tunes for hours
it is Ambition‘s bubbling young fountain
supported by Beth Sand‘s local guitar shop
and it is a whole school of American music
it embarks on harmonies
from decades of spellbinders
it’s ready to Fix You
in just two years it has sprouted-out
forty five live shows
in California
where we know dream factories thrive
they are Sharp to make music these brothers
Ben and Kyle
if only they could get to The Hoot
if only they could be liked liked liked
then off to The Spectrum to Seaport Village
McKim for the masses
or maybe Daylight by Maroon 5
as long as it’s music
memorize harmonize
finish nice and take a bow
and somehow somewhere later on
that magic musical moment
will suddenly arrive
and a crowd will be suspended
on a wave of enchantment
as their diligent craftsmanship
finally arrives
like a wave washing over Laguna Beach
over people-pebbles with salt in their eyes
who turn to each other and ask surprised
who are these boys?
and where did they learn
to make music

for benjamin+kyle sharp

California Ain't That Far - Official Music Video - Sharp Turn Ahead

Quote from a YouTube reply: “We have played 45 live shows this past year–we do not pre-record–we play live music — one chance to get it right!” — SharpTurnAhead (age 13)


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