Interview with the music producer and composer Sergey Kuznechov

Steklovata - Denis and ArthurTonight I decided to blog about one of my favorite music groups. It may surprise you, but it is a Russian one – Steklovata (Стекловата) . There are two main soloists -Denis Belikin and Arthur Yeremeyev. The lyrics of the group are written by the composer of the music who is also a producer of SteklovataSergey Kuznechov. Thanks to his studio we all have the chance to experience the truly touching and moving Russian music. For their first album Sergey wrote the music first – then he worked on the vocals – first the leading one and then the supportive. The incredible voice ranges of Artur and Denis are like a trade mark for the music of Steklovata – and probably the reason for which many treble music fans know about the group.The songs are really different – you can hear great ballads and fast up beating vibes. At the same time the lyrics are written very well – which is not surprising since Sergey Kuznechov is not only a composer, but a poet as well.

There is a lot of information about Steklovata out there – enough for a whole book as their producers mentions in his official page. However the majority of this information is available only in Russian.These days thanks to fans from all over the world – we could expect more information to be either translated or written in other languages.

steklovataI found out about that group from a friend of mine- once he gave me a CD with video clips  and a couple of songs. The first album of the Steklovata. Soon – I got addicted to the music and after searching in Google I found the official site of the group. In addition you can see the album covers and even purchase them in here


You may think – sounds nice – but what did you say – a Russian band – and I do not know Russian. Well I am not very well at it either (which is shame since I have studied it for 3 years) – and still enjoy the music of Steklovata.I found out that Steklovata as a band is just one of the projects of Sergey Kuznechov. There are many others – and each is as good as Steklovata is – as a quality of the music. Almost all songs are available for free (non – commercial use) from the web site of the studio. If you like the music however – a donation will be highly appreciated .


This is the homepage of producer of the band.The site has a new design from few months – and now it looks better and the navigation in easier. A variety of information is available – trough you will need to know Russian or use some of the online web translators such as world-lingo in order to use it.

According to the official web page there is a CD out there which includes some of the most popular projects of studio Sergey Kuznechov.The CD features featuring music, video clips, photo sessions and midi files.All you have to do to get it is to send an e-mail and ask for details about its price and the way of delivery. This is the only way for you to have the complete set in your collection and most importantly to support the future projects of Sergey.

A bit of history :



In 1999 the talented poet and composer , creator of the groups “ Tender May “, “Mama” and “ Chernila for fifth grade “ found the 13 years old vocalist Denis Belikin for his new project. One year later studio “Monolit “issues the first song – which becomes part of the disk of group “Chernila for fifth grade “

Soon after that another singer joins the Group (Artur Eremeev) and jointly they issue their first album although unofficially under the name “Pieces of ice”. In 2002 the group again unofficially releases another album “Ostorozhno – Hrupkoe – 2003”

The main problems of the new group is the absence of sponsors – which was a real problem as the group was never given a chance to present its music to the public in large. The group was able to gain popularity mainly trough participation in music fests across the country.In 2002 the group was able to take first place in the hid parade of the Russian radio in Estonia.

Read about the other projects from the producer of Steklovata .


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