The Next Megastar: Straalen McCallum

One year ago, Tony introduced Straalen McCallum at Recently, I have noted that a lot of people have found out about this blog thanks to this article. It seems the  interest towards Straalen has increased due to the recent TV shows on which he has appeared. Lately, there seems to be many other young singers appearing on such shows, as the search by producers and managers for “The new Justin Bieber” continues.  Justin’s phenomenal success has helped to create a new trend. Like Usher, now many artists and managers have begun to actively seek out and support young and budding artists. This is quite a precedent. Before this, singers such as Troye Sivan and Noa Johannesson managed to become world famous on their own – just by using the wonders of  social media. Now, the kids have an even bigger chance for success thanks to the mentoring of experienced professionals — singers and representatives of the music industry.


Straalen McCallum amazed me back when Tony introduced him and it seems that his hard work and devotion to music have helped him to further develop his musical skills. Today, he is considered by many (including me) to be the next megastar on the world’s music scene.  Recently he wrote on his blog : ” Justin Bieber is everywhere at the moment, and there are heaps of kids trying to become the next ‘Bieber’. While I think Justin has done incredibly well, I just want to be me. “.  And he is, indeed, quite unique – not only as a vocalist and performer, but  also as a person. I was impressed that on his blog he is really being himself  – none of the hype PR talk and cliché phrases  which many singers seems to switch to as soon as they find themselves under the spotlight. While I am well aware that the industry has standards and the artists have to go along with them – some over do it and a part of their charm gets lost forever. Troye Sivan is one of the few exceptions of this general trend, as he also has never stopped being himself despite the fame.

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We at will be watching Straalen’s progress very closely and will keep you updated here at the blog.

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  1. He’s really talented(: I wouldnt compare him to Justin Bieber because Straalen is truly one of a kind he isnt like any one else I think hes goin to be bigger thn Bieber(:

  2. Your so right, I certainly like seeing a young artist thats not trying to be something that the music industry would have them to sell to the major markets. I think young artist should stay committed to what “they” like to sing and build there following from that. It will give you more respect from the fans and ensure a future in preforming music. To many young kids are aiming for “justin bieber” status. and most of those will not either make it? or it will be “UP” DOWN” GOODBYE.

  3. For one thing I must agree with you that it was the Justin sucess that made all these producers interested in the young talents all of a sudden. Sadly, there are still countries in the world in which the performances of young singers are considered to be less ” serious ” than the one of their older colleagues. As unfair as that is, I can point out more than one example of that. Now Straalen is a real talent and I could hardly put in words how great it feels to see that so many people are commenting on the article about him, sharing their own experiences and opinions of his music and the status of the industry as a whole. It takes a lot of dedication from a singer to be remembered by his fans and the general public for years to come. It is not impossible and some of the names that come to my mind as an example of that are Billy Gilman, Aaron Carter , Hanson …etc. At the same time, I have no doubts that many performers won’t achieve that. My personal opinion is that the ones that do achieve it are the ones who stay true to themselves as you wrote it in your comment. Their fans always sense if an artist is sincere and does something for the pure joy of doing it – regardless of the form: singing , dancing or acting.

  4. Not so long ago record labels would have passed on kids 11-14 years old. But now thanks to Justin Bieber's massive success, they're being signed left and right in hopes that one will turn out to be the “new” Justin Bieber. Once signed they're being made to record r&b flavored material so they sound just like JB. Cody Simpson's IYIYIYI is a prime example. Most will not be successful and end up as 14 year old “has beens.” Very sad. But what's up with all
    these Aussie kids? (LOL) Troye Sivan, Cody, Jordan Jansen and now Straalen? His music is way different from JB's. But Justin Bieber is the one that all kid singers are being compared too. I wish you the best Strallen, and Troye, Cody, Jordan and Greyson Chance too. Try to stay true as much as possible to the music you enjoy singing. That will set you apart from the rest.

  5. I think Straalen is a great young singer, and theyre right he doesnt sing anything like Bieber or sing his style of music.
    Straalen should be being promoted as a young Michael Buble not against teen pop singers like Justin Bieber.
    I checked out his channel and found it strange that after pointing out that he doesnt want to be the next Justin Bieber that they titled some of his videos
    Justin Bieber in Australia – so is Straalen!
    Justin Bieber Mania
    and American idol FURORE!!! Straalen is the next BIEBER
    I think they should get some advice on how they should be promoting him, probably as the next Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra and looking for a mature audience as well as teens. I think hed do great on the LA or NY circuits, and maybe one day work his way up to Vegas.

  6. My Way by Straalen McCallum

    The track “My Way” [Elvis, cover] has the blues that will win the girls heart, and the man's admiration. Take it from me, I was a friend to Elvis cousin, and have another friend who's aunt married one of Elvis inner circle friends, that he hangout with. This was the best rendition of “My Way” I have heard by a smooth voice of youth. This kid belongs in Las Vegas.

    My friend Tommy Griffin was one of the first news reporters to interview Elvis before he became famous, Elvis was giving free concerts at New Orleans’ Pontchartrain Beach amusement park. And “skykid” is right about you, just like Tommy was right about Elvis and said, “This boy is headed somewhere.” And I’m glad I came here to read the article about you, because it gave me an opportunity to know you better. When you said, “…I just want to be me.” It shows that you have a good head on your shoulders, and you got the intelligence to make it.

  7. Thank you for responding to the comments Straalen . I am sure that for the people that wrote them this means a lot as it means a lot to me as well. I did look up Venetta Fields after reading your comment and was amazed fining out how talented she is and what kind of singers and bands she worked with. You are really fortunate to have her support. This article is devoted to you – yet I encourage you to look trough the articles of the many young artists that are featured in the music category of Some of them will be known for you , other you will probably hear for a very first time …like the Russian group Robnzon which I believe would impress everyone regardless of his native language. I can assure you that all artists are happy to read the feedback people leave about them and some are even kind enough as you are to leave a small acknowledgment . My favorite sentence in your comment is ” I will always try to be myself! “. Bravo !

  8. Hi Skykid!! I'm amazed at the wounderful story you wrote about me!
    Thank you so much! And the people who took the time to comment is so inspiring to me!
    Thank you everyone! I'm a lucky kid!
    I was privileged to sing for Olivia Newton John last week at her Gold Coast concert.
    She is so beautiful, and a lovely person! And I'm so lucky to have lovely people supporting me like Venetta Fields!
    She is my absolute idol, my singing teacher and my mentor, without her I'd wouldn't be doing any of the things I do! so I'm so grateful!
    I'm a huge supporter of you Skykid and I thank YOU on behalf of all the young people that you help! I will always try to be myself!
    Thanks so much everybody!
    Smiles Straalen

  9. Straalen would seem to possess all the qualities and talents necessary to, indeed, hit it very big in the world of music. Best wishes to him!

  10. A typo …A typo I am the champion of making typos. As soon as I see my editor not looking I make one. But presents are even better than presence….ain`t they ( :

  11. I know a wonderful local exclusive venue in which Julio Iglesias has a concert not that long ago. I know pals that you want him for the states , but I would love seeing him in the pearls of Europe – Monte Carlo, Cannes…etc. and then may be check your Vegas ( :

  12. Well what can be added to these accolades? I have been watching him for some time now! He only gets better! Thanks for featuring him here Skykid! If we should all live long enough we will see this boy doing Vegas and many other famous stages throughout the world! He is a born star and has already arrived!

  13. When I first saw him on video I was impressed. What quickly made an impression to me, was his calmness and easiness that shines in his song. One has a feeling that he's spent ages on the stage and feels as if he was walking in his home.

    At the same time he sang the song with all the seriousness that was required for it. He has real aristocratic appearance which reminds the viewer of some of the most respected singers on the planet.

    His intelligence is clearly seen and from the analysis of the industry and the success of Justin Bibber. It feels like he wants to express himself thorugh his voice instead of using it as money-making tool.

    I also checked his blog and his honestly there is masterminding.

  14. Thanks for commenting Joanne. At the moment I am not aware of the existence of an album. Hopefully there will be some light shed on that in the near future.

  15. WOW . Superb stage presence. I can see the music producers drooling over him. Is there an album of Straalen one can buy ?

  16. Straalen I really like your music. Can`t thank enough to Skykid for writing about you and giving me a chance to discover your music.

  17. Well said. That is one of the first things that made an impression to me – Straalen`s style. His gestures and stage presence are stylish and capture the uniqueness of the song . I am so happy that a hype is building around his music as I see more and more people looking out for more information about him.

  18. I am probably older then most of your commentator's. With due respect to the young performers of today; I would like to comment on how enjoyable it is to watch a performer entertain without jumping to every corner of the stage.
    Continue to do it your way Straalen. I posted your video to my FB. Only 50 FB fan's but most will like this type of music. Perhap's a few convert's.

  19. Yes it does makes sense. I like the music of Justin even if I am not a devoted fan. Same is true for quite a lot of young singers. Everyone of them has his chance to remain in the music history , and some will others won`t. Only the time will show. Take Hanson for example I have always been a fan even if once people were saying that they will make money and then stop doing music. Yet they proved themselves and their devotion to the music – I recently watched 2 of their live concerts in Internet and they were as amazing as ever. Than again it depends on the fans too…I am not a teenage girl and can not think as one , but I imagine that not all of them follow Justin only because he is “cute” – some are probably really into his music and at the end they will be the ones who will remember him if so it happens that he is not in the spotlight at some time in the future. The music industry is like every other one …and making money will be part of it. But as I noted some performers change because of the extra attention and exposure while others don`t. In the case of Straalen…as I wrote in the article – he is different indeed , talented and singing not too commercial , but classy music. I hope that he will consider doing his own songs too in addition the the wonderful cover he does.

  20. I like his voice a lot too.
    I think he's right, nobody should try to copy and become the new Justin, because before there were young singers too and they just were themselves, and there will be young singers after everyone forgets about Bieber…
    He's talented, his style of music is not pop/commercial so he'll be more TRUE and real than any JB or industry products! =]
    Sadly in the business they prefer to create a singer like Justin, use him to earn money and trash him when he's not cute anymore. But then, in 5 years who will remember him? As the teenages girls from today will be ashamed to have loved Justin.
    I think in my opinion it's better not being TOO famous too fast, and stay down to earth =]
    I dont know, just my 2am sleepy opinion, hope it makes sense!

  21. I love his voice I like the music he sings …much different than most..and you are right once the spotlight hits some of these people they become totally different and it is a real shame…because some were great people…


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