A tale of violent legacies between two generations of brothers

undertowThe movie started and I noticed a familiar face – an actor from one other movie – Jamie Bell in the role of Chris. He has grown up since the time I watched him as Billy in Billy Elliot – but his acting talent remained unchanged.

The movie itself is excellent and I caught myself thinking of it quite a lot the next day after seeing it. There are many nice effects such as changing colours, negative frames, freezing moments and they all contribute greatly to the overall atmosphere making you think of the movie as an art masterpiece.

As I was watching the movies I almost jumped several times – it builds a lot of tension and evokes emotions with supercharged scenes. The characters are quite interesting as well – the older brother Chris with his dreams and pursuits that get him in troubles sometimes (which is why he is known to the police) –and the younger brother – Tim (played by Devon Alan) – extremely smart and at the same time weird kid who likes to eat books and taste or eat just about anything he finds interesting – things like mud or paint…etc. Their hardworking father who takes care of his two sons is another interesting character – after the death of his wife he choose to live in isolation in Georgia – he to has some skeletons in his closet like all of us. I agree with the opinions with some other reviewers that the characters are so well developed characters that a different movie can be filmed for every single one of them.

The soundtrack interesting as well – combination of orchestra music, children voices, mystery vibes it is at least as good as the movie itself and my guess is that most people who like the movie would want to get the soundtrack as well – I know I do.



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