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Wild Tigers I Have Known

Wild Tigers I Have KnownTalking about the weird movie – you would hardly be able to find one weirdest than Wild Tigers I Have Known. I just finished watching it and honestly can say that I had a bit of trouble understanding it – and yet at the same time, I feel a bit down because of it. At the same time, I tried to watch it several times – but something always happened – loss of interest or something else. This does not mean that the movie is bad – it’s just a bit freak. Maybe it was the plot – maybe it was the soundtrack…

In one of the scenes, an Afro- American woman sings a really calm song while Logan ( the main character) is relaxing in his bed – the song was so calm and a place that I almost fell to sleep myself. The whole soundtrack as the movie itself is kind of strange.

Logan is a thirteen-year-old boy who attends a Junior High School – he is lonely and feels different. He is by himself a lot and dreams … daydreams so much that his mother accused him of being constantly off in another world in one of the scenes. But he has one friend – another boy who seems to be nerdy and different as well. They go together through all the teenage talks and thoughts. But then one day, Logan meets what seems to be the school rebel – and he develops a crush on him. What follows is a weird mixture of feelings, questions, ignorance, bravery and dreams. Logan embarks on a journey towards his own identity…

No easy answers are provided in that movie -the plot revolves around a coming-of-age story- but there are many unclear things and unspoken ideas that the viewer is forced to think and decide what the film is really about. The movie’s cinematography is excellent – the lighting and colours leave a long-lasting expression and make the scenes really different and unique. There were few moments in which I noticed that the camera was shaking – like it would do in a homemade production and yet another scene in which the operator’s true professionalism can be really seen. Talking about abstract visual art-Wild Tiger I have known is just that.

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  1. I got two copies of this film in my possesion. One lasts 1:38 minutes and the other 1:21 minutes. The first one contains more scenes, and also the chronological is different from the other version. Also the soundtrack. I don’t find about this anything on the internet. However, it seems to me that there has been some re-editing process and some overtly clues to being gay has been excluded. The review above is bases upon the shorter version.


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