Innocent voices (2004)

Innocent_Voices_filmBeing a powerful drama based on real events (the film is based on the childhood experiences of its screen writer) – Innocent voices made a direct entry in my all times favorite movie list. The director of the movie did an excellent job – portraying the horrors of the civil war in El Salvador in the 80s through the eyes of a young boy – the eleven – year old Chava.

Both parties in this war recruit young boys ( 12 year old and even younger sometimes ) for their armies or fractions .The government’s armed forces collect the boys from the streets, their school and their homes – separating the young lads from their families and friends . In the harsh reality of the civil war – the “greatest battle of Chava and his friends is to remain kids”. There are some great scenes showing how the child in the streets play games, fall in love and do the things kids do – you even wonder how is that possible since the bullets can strike any moment – and innocence can be lost forever …

The director did a great job – and some of the scenes are sure to stuck to your mind for a long time – the scens in which see the boys from the villages hiding on the roof to avoid being picked up by the soldiers is an example for such scene. There are many subplots and ideas – yes Innocent voices is coming in age movie , but it it also about the love of a mother , the horrors or war , the hopes of a generations for better life.

Yet I have to mention the talent of all actors starring here – despite the fact that for many of them Innocent Voices is their first screen appearance – their acting is outstanding. Here I want to mention and one of my favorite characters – a man who seems to be mentally incapable – but has a great heart and truly makes a difference in the life of many people from the society – helping old women, hanging out with Chava and his friends – and most importantly standing for his friends , being there when he is needed.

Also as you may already know – for me a movie deserves a high mark if it is able to evoke feelings in its viewers. That is probably the reason most of my favorite titles to be in the Drama genre. And Innocent voices makes no exception – I really felt for all Chava was forced to go through…

Great movie pals , not an easy one to watch – but worth seeing !