Worlds We Created
Worlds We Created

A short film about the ways fantasy intertwines with reality, Worlds We Created is a short film by Nicholas Santos in which a 12-year-old boy suddenly finds himself in a daring situation.

The dialogue in the film is limited to a minimum, and it is not needed as one is drawn into the fantasy world of childhood games.  It’s first and foremost visual storytelling. Through the skillful usage, the camera takes the viewer into the atmosphere of a make-believe battle which feels real.

While the action doesn’t quite reach the intensity of I Declare War ( 2016) – which has similar aesthetics, but a much bigger budget – it still captures one’s attention.

Unfortunately, while Worlds We Created takes its viewers back in time, it fails to attain much emotional involvement, which is expected of a film with a similar thematic. The most probable reason is that the story goes on for longer than needed after its twist. For a more coherent approach, watch the Spanish films Dreams ( original title: Sueños ) in which its director, Daniel Guzman, made a better use if the timing and the duration.

A 12-year-old boy suddenly finds himself in a daring situation in this short film by director/writer Nicholas Santos.


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