Last Stand (2003)

Last Stand” The history written in books and newspapers isn`t always the history written in the hearts of those who lived it “

Last stand is an American short movie which admittingly surprised me with the quality of its production.  The film tells the touching story of the unlikely friendship between a wounded cavalry soldier and a young Lakota boy .  Last stand is a visually rich film – the dialogue is minimum and instead Gabe Torres ( the film`s director ) relied heavily on the  skills of the the two leading actors Jason London and Joseph Saul. Their facial expressions are nothing short of example of a brilliant acting. An excellent camerawork and attention to details ( such as the costumes and the history events concerned ) add an extra value to this short film.

Last Stand was a special movie to me. Partly because I studied US history in the US – but at the same time my teacher was honest enough to state that what is in the textbook has been changed several times throughout the years and what he was teaching was different than what we learned as a student himself. Sadly the history has the tendency to repeat itself – I like most boys have always been found of the native Americans – and think that the world would have been a better place shall they were allowed to live by their own rules , following their own traditions.  Instead someone decides that his way of leaving in the correct one , that his nation is the bearer of civilization and every one else could be called “savage” and treated as such.

I recommend highly the short film Last Stand. If you get a chance to see this, don’t miss out !


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