Lolo is a splashy little short film focusing on the experiences of a sensitive and openly gay eleven-year-old named Lolo (Zev Starrett)  and his glamorous, flamboyant friends – a girl and a boy of the same age.

The Story

The story, while filled with rite-of-passage experiences such as falling in love, confusion and friendship, is enjoyable because of its simplicity and positivity, making up for the lack of any actual substance. 


Scene from Lolo (2019)
Scene from Lolo

There are not that many Coming-of-Age films with a  LGBTI friendly narrative out there. We have Hazel (2012), which I found to be  flamboyant, quirky, funny, provoking and original, the 2008 Mexican film Limbo, the intriguing Wild Tigers I Have Known (2006) and few others one may stumble upon.

Compared with those titles, Lolo is rather superficial, but it’s fun to watch; its positivity is enough to convince the viewer that the action might have taken place in an alternative universe. 

Beauty in the story’s simplicity

Like most easy going fun films, Lolo‘s narrative is open-ended and if it archives anything aside from entertaining the viewer, that would make one realize that defending one’s identity can begin at a very early stage. It perfectly suits films like Lolo or Hazel for young audiences, to be brave enough to address such a sensitive matter that many older people couldn’t begin to discuss in such a fun, easy-going manner. 

Do not expect big revelations out of Lolo, yet enjoy the beauty in the simplicity of its story.




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