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Limbo (2008 )

limbo“Dare to know who you are and deal with it…”

“Limbo” is an independent Mexican film. It is one of those films that is just  abstract enough so as to confuse the viewer or at least enough to make them think about how to interpret the scenes on screen.  Isao is 10 years old boy who tries to come in terms with himself and his belief that he may be gay. After an accident, he finds himself in the Limbo, which seems to be a mysterious place somewhere between life and death. There he meets too people, an overworked nurse and a lawyer who committed suicide, but refuses to accept the fact that he is dead.

Along with these characters, the small Isao, begins a journey of self-acceptance, traveling the maze that connects the living with dead and connects heaven to hell. His journey is a rite of passage.  I think that you will find it interesting, if you are ready to bear with the complexity of the film.

I am not overly impressed with the cinematography of the film; With the exception of its opening credits. But overall the vision is modern (A bit of Emo influences I guess.) and the soundtrack is intriguing.

That’s the story; And here comes the surprise . . ., in reality the protagonist of the film, Fatima Diaz is a girl.

“You have only one life, be yourself “

“Limbo” is an independent film and even if it was shot in high definition, it did not receive  its financial support from the Mexican Institute of Cinematography. Despite its low budget,  which I guess affected the sound quality at times, the film won several awards at various festivals across the globe.

Another review of the film in Spanish ( link )


The film director Horacio Rivera about his film :

“Limbo tells the  story of acceptance, of knowing; And treats it with both, humor and sensitivity”

Sky Kid`s final opinion : Worth seeing for the sensitive issues it deals with and the original way in which the story is presented.  On the other side, its a bit complex, the production quality is not perfect and there are few cliches; However those don’t spoil the experience.


  1. If this movie hadn’t been made that would be unfortunate. It is a way oh f seeing the humanity of children in their late but equally important, childhood…when the charming star is a decade later , a young adult ,we choose to like the possibility of k owing them personally ,perhaps..yes we would with patience with affection shared mutually and love

  2. Very glad you made this it’s a reminder to treat kids with dignity and a little respect regardless of their romantic ,or burgeoning , identities.

  3. I preserved my DVD and only because I immediately understood it was cheaper to cast a girl to play the boy part than to cast and PAY for a professional boy actor to play the part. This is a low budget film and they needed a good looking face to go with an effeminate roll. Finding a boy with these features would require months of casting and it would probably pose as a challenge given the nature of the film. Exposing a true homosexual teenage boy in a film like this would given out every last bit of privacy and force the boy into probable hardships in real life he does not deserve, so, using a girl seems pretty logic to me. The purpose of the film is to deliver a message not to feed the audience morbosity.

  4. I got this movie under mistaken pretense and immediately returned it. They would have been better off casting a boy.

  5. All day trying to post here. Anyway I got to watch the movie last night and yes it has its flaws.
    Sound, visual effects, some characters are not well developed, but it has a some other things to provide.

    The story might sound like a story everyone has already heard, a boy who's not sure about what he wants or what he wants is not what his parents want. During the movie you'll go into a ride that probably you didn't imagine before.

    I totally fell in love of Isao, and was thinking how a boy can act like a little queer so well. Well you may find out at the end of the credits. This is one of the best mexican coming of age movies, of course there aren't many mexican movies that deal with this.


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