skaterdaterSkaterdater is the forth short movie in the series of short movies I am reviewing at From the stats of my blog I see that the reviews – rise some interest – which of course encourages me to keep on with the trend even if I would have loved if someone shared his own view in the coments section after reading my review and watching the films.  Skaterdater was reccomended by a friend over Skype . The movie itself is quite famous and has achived a status of a classic .  I liked the music ( Davie Allan and the Arrows) – even if I am not that famliar with surf guitar – but it reminded me of the vibes of Beach Boys .  What I did not like was the ending – or rather how the story developed – I felt like screaming ” Keep on Skating ” –  but you will see hat I mean. Skaterdater is quite cool short movie – coming of age themed and even trough there are no spoken words the story is easy to follow . It reminded me of my own childhood – when all my friends were irrotated by me as I prefered to spend time with my girlfriend – instead of playing soccer with them …

A clip from the film is available at YouTube ( the whole film – but in black and white is available at Google Videos ) :

Skaterdater won nine international film awards and is often trought as of visual essay on growing up.

“….. a group of 1965 barfooted skateboarders with their single-striped windbreakers hanging 10 on their clay-wheeled pinner board”


  1. Not only does Skaterdater pay homage to the 1960s skateboard craze, it has another significant importance… it is the first film for Director Carroll Ballard (he was second unit cinematographer on Skaterdater and the shooting style can be seen in his later films), and a UCLA Film School classmate of Francis Ford Coppola. Carroll Ballard is the Director of a number of great films with young people: The Black Stallion (Francis Ford Coppola Executive Producer), Fly Away Home, & Duma.


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