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    Have You Forgotten What We Used to Play? (2010)

    "Have You Forgotten What We Used to Play?" tells the story of a childhood, of a friendship and of growing up. A young man returns to the village where he grew up and discovers that both he and the place have changed. Yet, he soon finds himself immersed in his memories.

    Introducing Zulfat Gabdulin

    Here at we take pride in introducing young talents in music and the arts from across the globe. Today we would like to introduce an incredibly gifted young singer, Zulfat Gabdulin, from Russia.

    Das Goldene Ding (1972)

    Das Goldene Ding is a 1972 made for TV film, released in West Germany, which follows in much detail the Greek myth of Jason. It's the retelling of the legend made popular by Jason and the Argonauts, using a new and unique approach to filmmaking and storytelling for its time. A "must see" for fans of the coming of age genre.

    Declan Galbraith – You and Me- Review

    Finally today I got the new album of Declan Galbraith - "You and Me"( I first mentioned it here ) - at the moment...