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    Rick Lancaster

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    Coming Of Age Movies: Growing Up On Screen

    To provide a readily available resource for fellow fans of this genre (who may be looking for an updated guide to films they'd like to view) and, secondly, to preserve the many reviews I've written over the years here on, I've written a new book: Coming Of Age Movies: Growing Up On Screen

    The Abduction of Zack Butterfield (2011)

    In the past, the has done several articles related to a movie called The Last Days of April. Included were interviews with Producer/Screenwriter Stephen Ryder (July 2009) and Director Rick Lancaster (September 2010) and a pre-release review of the movie itself in May of 2010. The movie has yet to be released and has recently had a name change. Today, conducted a phone interview with Stephen Ryder to get an update on what's been happening with the film.

    Exclusive Interview: Rick Lancaster

    An exclusive interview with Rick Lancaster (The Last Days of April, Ahmed, Muchacho Del Flamenco). Find out more about him and his movies at


    Ahmed - can a person change his fate   There are many good short films  scattered around the net - discovering and watching them always turns...

    “Muchacho Del Flamenco” – a feature coming of age film

    "Muchacho Del Flamenco" - a feature coming of age film based on a script of the acclaimed American screenwriter and producer Stephen Ryder.

    An interview with screenwriter Stephen Ryder

    What inspired you do write the story behind " The last days of April " ? How did you cast TJ Plunkett ? Stephen Ryder talks about his new upcoming film The last days of April