Ahmed – can a person change his fate


AhmedPosterThere are many good short films  scattered around the net – discovering and watching them always turns into true challenge . One of this films is Ahmed – produced by Stephen Ryder ( who I recently interviewed ) and directed by Rick Lancaster ( who together with Mr. Ryder worked on the soon to the released  ” The last days of April ” ).  Ahmed is only 5 minutes long – but it does tell a story …and makes you think of it . The protagonists are the people in Israel – but the main character is a 12 years old boy called Ahmed. While I was watching the films I wondered if what I was seeing was a manifestation of the contrasts in Israel – the contrast of the generations and cultures.  In just five minutes we get to know the Ahmed ( played by the young Sky Moon Clark ) – by observing his morning routine and his interactions with the members of his family ( even the ones which for him are only a photo on the wall ).

The film has deeper meaning …can a person avoid his fate , or its all decided for us ?


  1. OMG… I was going crazy about the whole fuzz about this short film. And I finally I watched, since I was having trouble with my internet connection and a good friend sent this to me.

    I really liked little Amhed dance and I thought is well done it fits in the purpose of the story. He’s just a regular boy, someone said that these kids where spoiled, but I think is just regular kids attitude.

    Fights with your brother and sister are an everyday thing in every family in America, Israel or Europe.

    Sure there should be people that didn’t like it or didn’t feel it had something good to say. For me it was great, it really shows that we’re nothing and life can end at any time…

    So yes, everyone should do a little dance on their underwear once in a while.

  2. I fail to see how you were prevented to express your opinion or leave criticism. The only thing I am asking for is for people who leave comments to respect or at least not insult each other. ( btw my spelling is far from being perfect either ).

  3. Yea, verily! We should worry as well about Stephen Spielberg's recurrent theme: His shameless exploitation of young Henry Thomas in Close encounters, Christian Bale in Empire of The Sun, Shawn Astin in Goonies, Haley Joel Osment in A.I., and then there was Hook, and of course, Anakin Skywalker……hmmmm – Spielberg seems to always use BOYS in his films! If one finds Ahmed's innocent dance disturbing, one must find the shower scene in the aclaimed “You Are Not Alone” nothing less than maddeningly horrifying! Such a one might do well to avoid sites like Sky Kid. And oh, I don't know much about Australian English, but if one wishes to allude to an “unskillful manor” one should be aprised that the correct word is “manner” – a manor is a house. Talk about unskillful…….

  4. What boy hasn't danced in his underwear to a favorite pop tune? Such a dance launched Tom Cruise's career (“Risky Business”). That number was reprised on American TV long ago when 12 year-old Brice Beckham did a terrific send-up of the tighty-whities dance on an episode of “Mr. Belvedere.” This sequence in Ahmed was obviously Director Rick Lancaster's effort to let us get to know the character on an intimate basis, and see that he is just like each of us in his private moments. And there was precious little time to get the audience to care about the boy before he is tragically killed. To get to feel like we have met and gotten to know someone and then mourn their loss in 5 minutes of screen time is an amazing achievement – one certainly lost on the sans culotte.

  5. Nameless, you are obviously a person possessed of a flawless judgement, an erudite and lyrical style of prose and an impeccable education. Hear, hear old chap, my sentiments exactly.

  6. An opinion on an artistic work must be respectful even if soundly critical. Abusive, arrogant, uninformed and prejudicial vitriole will not be respected – we are not all cheese-eating surrrender monkeys – some of us fight back.

  7. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion and may like or dislike a certain film. My view is expressed in the article itself – and the comments are the medium trough which the readers of the blog share theirs. Please respect each other – and avoid picking on each other – meaningful discussions are beneficial for the whole community – may be someone else would share his opinion of the film soon.

    Thanks to everyone who commented on my post.

    Best regards ,


  8. Yes, I can explain why the kids sounded TO YOU like “spoilt [sic] Beverly Hills brats.” This actual brother and sister (12 & 14) are Iranian Christian who escaped Teherhan to avoid persecution and lived in Paris. Their native language was Farsi, and they learned fluent French as citizens there, of course. Then after a tradgedy took their father, the two kids and their now single mom moved to America to stay with relatives in Connecticut, where they learned English. Now only a person with a peculiar prejudice could surmise that these kids, who have never come within 3,000 miles of Beverly Hills, and are poor refugees, wounded, frightened and suffering – could somehow “sound like spoiled (not 'spoilt' – talk about amateurish writing….) brats.” It was written bya Pulitzer prize nominated Harvard scholar and professor of screenwriting, author of classic films for over 30 years – and you refer to his work as “amateurish.” I'm betting you have never written anything of consequence, never made a successful film of any kind, and dislike attractive, hard-working kids. Why do they sound like “spoilt brats?' ask your therapist

  9. That was awful, I've seen many shorts with similar themes, though this was amateurish in performance, special effects, writing and camerawork, waste of time, sorry.

    Also can anyone explain why the kids sound like spoilt Beverly Hills brats?

  10. This was a really short and emotionally explosive short film. Within only a few minutes it seems to be happening a lot. A like the nice dancing by the actor Sky Moon Clark and also the soundtrack. The camera-work is great. Watch it!

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