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Marry Me (2008)

Marry me 2008

Marry Me is a heartwarming short story written and directed by Michelle Lehman. It tells the story of a young girl who has a crush on a boy and is determined to marry him. Childhood love is the most beautiful thing ever, and so is this film. Marry Me portrays a girl who is madly in love with her younger neighbour Jason. But at six years old, a boy is interested in everything BUT girls!!  He has other ideas of spending his time – following the bigger boys while trying to tune up his bike and become a real pro.

She tries everything to get noticed by him. She tries to spend a lot of time with him, but he doesn’t care. He wants to grow up to be like the older boys, and he doesn’t see what she is doing for him. Does he love his bike? Fine! So she learns how to bike without the trails (training wheels)! In the story, you see her growing up. She’s making a lot of progress but fails to get his attention until the moment she can jump the springboard. This performance impresses Jason, who is still unable to do it.

My bike is not pink anymore

Determination pays.  And she gets what she wants! Considering the age of the actors, it’s quite possible that they did not even have to get into a role – as at that age the attitude of boys towards girls ( and vice versa ) is pretty much the same all over the world. The film involves some symbolism and gender stereotypes, such as the distinction between girlish and boyish colours (pink versus blue and green) and what sacrifices one can make for love (like trying to change the colour of your bike so it can appear more appealing to the one you have a crush on).

When I watched it, I thought it was an old movie from the ’80s, like a flashback of how life was when we were young. This short film reminded me of when I was in elementary school. The girls played far from the boys, and nobody wanted to be associated with the other gender.  When there was a couple, it was a significant event in the playground!  Marry Me makes me think of my young days with nostalgia. It is very well done.

The directing of the film is exceptional, which comes as no surprise if we take into account that Director Michelle Lehman specialised in kids photography before involving herself with the cine. The camera movement is smooth, slow motion and close-ups scenes are used for emphasis, and the focus is sharp — effectively blurring the background and showcasing the beautiful expressions of the film’s leads, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jahla Bryant.


In an interview, Michelle says:

I’d like to move out of photography, which is the job I do to support my filmmaking,” she says. “I’d love to do TV commercials, and I’d love to do kids’ films.” [1]

She describes her film, Marry Me, as a story: “…based in the ’80s and it’s about a little girl who wants to marry a little boy and he just wants to play with his BMX bike “[2]

Not surprisingly, Marry Me is inspired by a true story based on her childhood experiences.

Marry Me won the 2008 Tropfest festival (the largest short film festival in the world).

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Marry Me ( 2008 ) is a joint review of skykid and Shane Foxx ( you can find Shane at his YouTube channel, and while you are there, don’t forget to subscribe to his videos )


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  1. Indeed a great make. During my own childhood I have been hanging out with both boys and girls , but I guess there was always that feeling of being uncool that most of my male buddies had about anyone who hang out witrh girls too much. Of course all of this changed salowly as we enterted in our teenage years. Yet I am still not sure if I am able to understand girls any better than I did back then. And this short film…it brought a lot of cool memories back.

    Thanks for the great comment.

  2. I simply loved it! While short and to the point it carries enough weight and power to deliver the message. Girls take notice of boys long before boys even realize that the opposite sex exists.
    Preoccupied with toys and other boys they live in a world of their own, then somewhere around middle school age they suddenly open their eyes beyond their circle of interest and realize there is a world that has been within their reach all their lives and never noticed it. That only brings us to the next step in their clumsy development of now trying to figure out how to talk to them. They seem so far reaching and confusing. Of course, as far as I'm concerned they stay that way through marriage and several kids later the male is still trying to figure things out. LOL :) I guess what I'm saying is most of us guys are pretty naive and stay that way long after our interest in the opposite sex has been satisfied by a long lasting relationship! We all are very complex creatures and it usually take our entire lives just to start to figure things out!
    Great short film and thanks for the great review!.

  3. A sure thing. I re watched the film 3 times just out of the happiness how great the review turned out to be. Hopefully the readers will watch it and share their takes on the film as well…

  4. Thank you for commenting. Its a very nostalgic film indeed….and funny and charming. Its great that the review allowed took you back ….its the best compliment one can make.

  5. An excellent review of an awesome film. It was a sweet and nostalgic film. It made me smile and it took me back to another time. Your review did the same for me very well done.


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