Wanted (1994)

…I disappeared a few years ago, and I don’t even know the place I went…


Short films are essential for the coming of age genre — which is why they have their own category in the coming of age movie awards. Commonly, most good short productions are filmed either in the Scandinavian region or the UK and the film featured in this review  is no exception. The title of the film is Wanted.  It’s 30 minutes in length and was produced in 1994 for BBC TV. On a side note, a surprisingly large amount of good films are produced for BCC.  While some of them are often considered a bit dry by the general audience, they are almost always historically accurate and feature a lot of psychological treats —  especially when it comes to character development.

The story is told in the first person by the nine-year-old Erol (John Bracegirdle). In a rather intriguing way, he analyses the events and happenings in his life. One notes that he lacks self-esteem and that often causes him to feel miserable and depressed.  The cause of that is revealed later in the film. He thinks that he might be different from the rest, which may have caused his father to leave his mom and his mentally ill sister alone.  What truly amazed me was the amount of psychology and philosophy which the director managed to fit in a 30 minutes feature.

John BracegirdleThe lead actor debuted in his role as Erol. Despite the fact that the portrayal of his character would have been a challenge to a much more experienced actor, he manages to involve the viewers —  letting them have a peak into the world through the eyes of an adolescent who is yet to make sense of the meaning of life and his own place in it. He might be awkward, vulnerable, not always sure of the answers – but can we say for sure that we are any different …?

….Sometimes you can’t tell the difference between someone who is ordinary and someone who is not…

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  1. Thank you for the comment Barth. I am glad that you like the site and will be looking forward for more comments from you. Also if yo like a particular story feel free to share with using the tools available under each article. Welcome aboard !

  2. Thank you. I can recommend you another similarly themed film which also has its review on this blog : Godsend starring Cameron Bright. One may say that even AI by Spielberg had the same idea even if the two films I mentioned are full featured productions in comparison with the 30 minutes short. The film is not an easy to grasp at first which is why I think that some people are a bit confused at first – its one of these films you have to look deeply upon and yet I am sure that there will be people who would have totally different interpretation than the one I had. I think that this short film is worth to be shown and discussed in psychology classes in the school and even intend to recommend it to few teachers I know.

  3. I have to admit that this review was very well written. You always do that well drawing us in like a moth to the flame. Trouble is that in my case, most of the time I can never find the movie to view. Quite frustrating! However this time was very different as I was able to view this. I actually found the movie to be a bit strange as far as subject matter but then thought about another film called AI where the parents were grieving so much the loss of their son they resorted to an artificial intelligent life form to satisfy that loss. Only to find just as this film showed, you can't replace something that is held that dear to your heart. Fame, fortune, material things can all be replaced but a loved one is never replaced as it leaves a everlasting void. However, in time we all learn to cope with that.
    I guess this film awakened in me once again how valuable friendship and family is! Life is fleeting we must nurture it, cling to it, and hold it dear for every day we live on borrowed time!
    Good Job Skykid and thanks for your article!

  4. A very well written review on a short film that is well put together for such a short amount of time. The plot is very unexpected from what you think it is at the onset of the movie.

  5. Sounds like a very well done movie. Your well written review is sure to draw fans of the coming of age genre to viewing it — if they hadn't seen it already.


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