Amazing child singer : Brendan MacFarlane

brendan macfarlaneEver since I mentioned Brendan Macfarlane – his name frequently appeared in the search string people type to land on Recently I have noted an increasing trend in that which could indicate only one thing – he is becoming more and more popular, and people want to know, hear and see more of him. I tried to get some information from his cousin and his dad – but for some reason, the replays are yet to come. Bestpi – who writes much better about music than I would ever be able to – expects an answer from Brendon`s dad …

Recently Tommy contacted me via the contact form of the blog to ask if Brendan MacFarlane has his own CD out – but my answer is – nope, Tommy – not that I know of.  With all that hype about Brendon, I could not see a better moment for that – and as everyone appreciates music, I am awaiting for such a thing to happen.

The latest information I have from him – is from January 27, 2009 – and was published in a blog called Letters From Cloverdale – in it, Victor wrote :

He enjoys singing. His favourite country artist is Hank Williams. Brendan usually sings every other Wednesday for Open Microphone Night if his mother gives permission. That permission depends on the following:

  1. His Homework is done.
  2. His Chores are finished.
  3. He hasn’t fought with his brothers and sisters.
  4. He practiced the piano a full 30 minutes.


15.11.2009 Update: Exclusive interview of Brendan Macfarlane for



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  1. Sure …just check the interview with him right on this blog – as it also features few of Brendon`s covers . And yea we are all hoping that his songs will find their place on a site , dvd or anything like that.

  2. Hello Rod,

    Thank you for your comment. I am glad you enjoy the site and that you share the same passion as me when it comes to treble music. I will make sure to update the site as soon as I have news from Brendon and his management.



  3. Skykid,
    This is great news! I had Brendan on my MySpace site and was getting ready to do a full blog on him. I'm glad you have contact with them so that we can all catch up to what they are doing soon. I wish I could have reached them one more time before they closed down the YT site as that was my only source of contact.
    I will be patient and check back soon.
    Thanks so much for your blog. I really appreciate all you have done here. You can be sure that I will subscribe to your feed.
    Thanks again.

  4. I got in touch with the people who work with Brendon requesting some more information about the sudden disappearance of the youtube account that hosted most of his clips .

    Here is the answer I received – reposed in here with permission :

    “Some exciting things are happening for Brendan at the moment and he will be back on YouTube and other sites in the near future.”We are really sorry about this but it has just happened in the last couple of days.”

    So ….we the fans of Brendon have something to look for ….to something big it seems . I am sure that the wait will be worth it.

  5. hello,
    according to tobygogs channel at,Brendan is currently in
    new york city for meetings of some sort,he plans to visit nashville,tenn.
    next week. also Brendan's new single and video are out but have yet
    to be released.


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