The Top 5 Coming of Age Books for Girls

The Top 5 Coming of Age Books for Girls

Coming of age books for girls are somewhat interesting in that they look not at the physical aspects of the shift between girlhood to womanhood, but at the mental gears that have to be shifted. There are some great books that cover this area; these are the Top 5.
Top 5 Coming of Age Films for Girls : The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Top 5 Coming of Age Films for Girls

If you’re a girl who is interested in coming of age films read this post to find out the Top 5 films that will give you the information you need regarding growing up, and taking on new challenges.

The art of Pierre Joubert

Not long ago, I introduced you to the art of Norman Rockwell. Today, I would like to introduce another famous illustrator - Pierre Joubert.  He was...

Coming of age films – definition

What is behind the Coming of age movies genre ? SkyKid attempts to answer this question with the help of various other authors and friends at

Best coming of age films made for TV

Recently I watched Skellig starring Bill Milner and was amazed how such a good movie was released as a made for TV movie.   Then...

Best Coming-of-Age Movies according to Dustin Rowles

I stumbled on quite an interesting article about coming of age movies at the web site. The article was written by Dustin Rowles. He had a quite an interesting definition to the coming of age genre that I would like to share with you :
Coming of age films

Coming of age films – boy`s or girl`s thing

Yesterday I was given a link to an article in Newser titled " Gals Need Great Coming-of-Age Flick, Too" .   It dealt with the...

Treble Voices – Let’s look at Lens Time

Let’s talk about lens time. Many of our young singers transit back and forth from stage singing to acting. This brings about some confusion regarding treatment given the camera lens. It can be confusing especially to the very young. This should act as a general guideline for you or your youngster.
My voice broke!

My voice broke! I can’t sing anymore. Will it ever come back?

My voice broke! What they probably forgot to tell you or weren’t sure how to tell you.

coming of age films vs the rest

Coming of age movies vs the rest

Tonight I watched two movies with my dad – one he wanted me to see and another one which I wanted him to see....