An Interview with Gert Embrechts

    We're pleased to present an interview with the writer/director of Allez, Eddy!, a two-time winner in this year's 5th Annual Coming-of-Age awards.

    For A Lost Soldier dvd cover

    For a Lost Soldier: An Interview with Roeland Kerbosch

    Twenty years after the date that “For A Lost Soldier” was first screened, the film’s director, Roeland Kerbosch, has given an exclusive interview.

    Ivan Noel

    Exclusive Interview: Director Ivan Noel of En Tu Ausencia

    En Tu Ausencia has earned its place among the films that first comes into one's mind when the coming of age genre is mentioned. This is an exclusive interview with the film's director, Ivan Noel.

    Robert Naylor – An Exclusive Interview

    Robert Naylor is a 14-year-old actor/muscian/DJ who has accomplished much in his young life. is pleased to present this exclusive interview.

    Anthony Giunta

    The Prize Guys: An Interview

    Anthony Giunta is a filmmaker who understands the issue of teen bullying and has decided to make a movie in the coming of age genre.
    Rick Lancaster

    Exclusive Interview: Rick Lancaster

    An exclusive interview with Rick Lancaster (The Last Days of April, Ahmed, Muchacho Del Flamenco). Find out more about him and his movies at

    Exclusive Interview: Leonard Proxauf talked to the 14-year-old actor Leonard Proxauf, who stars in the Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winning film The White Ribbon and the artful fairytale from Germany Nimmermeer (Nevermore).

    Interview with the filmmaker Dave Schultz

    In the ten years since the film, Jet Boy, was released, interest in the film has continued very strong. brings you an exclusive interview with its director Dave Schultz.

    You Are Not Alone – an interview with Lasse Nielsen

    Much has been said and written about the acclaimed Danish film "Du er ikke alene" (You Are Not Alone). For fans of the coming of age genre, " You Are Not Alone " is what " Star Wars " is for the sci-fi fans.Lasse Nielsen, who directed the film back in 1978, agreed to give an exclusive interview for and its readers.

    Ricky Rodriguez – the star of Muchacho Del Flamenco

    "...this  kid  has  magic  -  the  kind  you  see  once  in  a  generation!" It was not that long ago when I wrote about the...

    Interview with film director Frank Vitale

    Two weeks ago I reviewed an interesting Canadian film called " Montreal Main" . Since the time I published the review more than 400...

    An interview with screenwriter Stephen Ryder

    What inspired you do write the story behind " The last days of April " ? How did you cast TJ Plunkett ? Stephen Ryder talks about his new upcoming film The last days of April