Ciske the RatMuch more than another coming of age movie – Ciske the rat is a fine example of the Dutch cinema. If you are found of the treble music you will definitely notice the song at the beginning performed by the Danny De Munk (famous singer from Netherlands) who plays the role of the troubled young lad – Ciske.

The childhood of Ciske in not easy – his father is sailing away and his mother does not really care about him. With rebellious spirit the young Ciske spends most of his time on the streets of Amsterdam. No one pays attention to the lonely boy. Trying to cope with the harsh live and attract some love and sympathy he has troubles with the law and even spends some time in prison. I really admired the way he protected himself there – if only all people were as strong as he turned out to be.

Ciske has generous heart and when his teacher notices that he tries to help the young lad to take the right path.
Ciske the Rat is powerful and graphically brutal drama which is sure to leave a long lasting impression to anyone who has a chance to see it. I truly enjoyed watching it and highly recommend it.


  1. I watched Ciske de Rat with a friend (who is a big fan of Dutch movies) and I was impressed.
    The story is powerful and could be true (in Amsterdam long ago).
    At first I wanted to watch it, because I wanted to improve my Dutch, but most of the time the characaters are talking in Amsterdams, which is a Dutch dialect (spoken in and near Amsterdam).
    So I couldn’t improve my “standard” Dutch but could watch a nice, typical Dutch movie.


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