Cop Car (2015)

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An intense adventure of two 10-year-old boys who run away from home, steal a police car and find themselves in more trouble than they have bargained for…

That sentence pretty much summarizes the entire plot of the American 2015 movie Cop Car, directed by Jon Watts.

While watching Cop Car, one gets the feeling that the entire story could have fit in a subplot of a film with a more complex narrative. Yet the fact that the 86 minutes of screen time seem to pass as quickly as one moment indicates the success of the editor and director in telling an engaging, tense tale.

Travis (James Freedman-Jackson) and Harrison (Hays Wellford)
Travis (James Freedman-Jackson) and Harrison (Hays Wellford)

There are some Coming-of-Age nuances to the story yet, considering the somewhat narrow character development of the film, it’s clear that the focus lies on the plot – with characters, ideas and emotional effects being important only within the context of the story being told (don’t expect to feel for or identify with any of the film’s protagonists).

When it comes to acting, Harrison (Hays Wellford) and Travis (James Freedson-Jackson) deliver authentic performances as mischievous, yet naïve, boys (which the young actors are anyway). However, Kevin Bacon is not as convincing in the role of a sheriff whose car the boys decided to “borrow”.

Jon Watts Cop Car is definitely an original movie which delivers an entertaining cinematic experience but, alas, not much more. A time waster for when you don’t have anything better to watch…

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Two 10-year-old boys run away from home, steal a police car and find themselves in more trouble than they have bargained for.
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  1. I liked this a lot more than you did, perhaps because I’m a big fan of Kevin Bacon, who I thought played a fascinating villain here (just as he did years ago in [i]The River Wild.[/i] I also liked the way the characters of the two boys developed as the film progressed. They’re both running away, and we get hints about why as their relative strengths start to shift. I would have preferred a less open ending, but I thought the film made a first rate adventure–not at all a waste of time.

    • While it was entertaining, the story did not move me in any way which to me is equal to pleasantly spent yet wasted time . Or course this is all subjective havi8ng in mind my preferences towards drama and even melodrama .


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