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Singers coming from countries in which English is not a primary language generally face more challenges on the way to international popularity than from those countries where it is. Of course, every rule has its exceptions – like the South Korean singer Psy. Thirteen-year-old  (03/05/2001) Keanrah, who is from Achern, Germany, found a great ally in tackling the challenge of showcasing his singing (and dancing) abilities in the German DJ and producer/promoter Vichy Ratey.

Yes, as in the same Vichy Ratey who was briefly introduced in an article promoting another young talented performer titled:  Mike Singer: A Year Under the Spotlight. In fact his presentation of Keanrah shares some of the same ingredients as Mike’s – namely upbeat vibes, colorful and vibrant video clips and, of course, a singer who genuinely enjoys his time under the spotlight (in front of the camera).

Keanu Rapp "I Am" [ Disco Funk Mix ] prod. by Vichy Ratey

Sadly, as is the case with Mike Singer, one can hardly find information about Keranrah in the English speaking blogosphere. Yet, seemingly, Keanrah has a significant Russian following based on the number of small bits about him posted on the (which is like the Russian Facebook).

keanrah 2012
Keanrah in 2012

A possible explanation for that – his mother is of Russian origin, which makes one wonder if we could witness a song from him sung in Russian one day. Apparently not long ago, long hair preceded his trendy haircut, which has become a kind of trademark for him (similar to Justin Biber’s haircut that caused so many teenage boys to get the same one – even while some were openly criticizing his music at the time).

Apparently he owns a Wii and is a Minecraft fanatic (doesn’t come as a surprise at his age).

Admittedly, at first I was a bit skeptical when I saw Keanrah’s first video clip, but then noted a significant progression in his musical skills and a confidence boost, which every young performer has to have.


Keanu Rapp - Heal (feat. Apl. de. ap.)[written & prod. by Vichy Ratey]

You can find more about Keanrah on his fan page at Vk.Com, and on YouTube 

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