A young treble from Belarus – Kirill Ermakov

Yesterday I discovered a young singer from Belarus – Kirill Ermakov . I haven’t stopped listening to his songs since. Energy just pops out of  Kirill’s songs. I especially like a song of his titled “Я твой герой”  (I’m Your Hero). You can also listen to him sing in Italian doing his cover of  Adriano Celentano’s classic hit “Italiano”.

Kirill was born in the city of Minsk on 09 July 1996. He goes to the middle school in the same city and to a music school where he studies violin and piano.  He’s had performances in a variety of venues in his country and abroad (including  New Year theatrical performances in New York). His repertoire includes many songs of his own composition  ( “Shall We Dance?”,”Dream”, “In Heaven”,”I’m Your Hero”, “I Sing For You”, “Our Programs W blakitnymi vachami”, etc.). Kirill also enjoys shooting and editing video clips. He assembled the clips in his songs: “Our Programs W blakitnymi vachami” and “Dream.”


Visit the official site of Kirill Ermakov ( most of his songs can be downloaded from there )


  1. My lack of understanding the Russian language does not inhibit my ability to enjoy his beautiful vocal. The video is also a work of art. Hat's off to Kirill!
    Thanks for the introduction of this fine young singer.


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