Nachttocht (1982)Nachttocht is a dutch film originally released for TV. Directed by Nick van den Boezem the movie tells the story of the 12 years old Thomas ( Abel Claassen) and his quest for friendship and love. He takes rowing lessons and is really fond of his teacher who according to his mother is unlike the bullies trainers in the other clubs and really knows how to work with children.  Thomas idolizes his trainer – and when the boy discovers that the person he felt such a love for  lied to him in order to sleep with his mother – his heart is broken. Its hard for him to understand why his trainer would prefer to be intimate with his mother than to be with him as his friendship and love are pure .

Overall Nachttocht is an excellent coming of age film about friendship, betrayal,  love and confusion. The cast did a good job, especially the young lead Abel Claassen in the role of Thomas. There were few slight moments in which the actress who played his mom lacked a bit of sincerity, but it could be just me .

I personally liked the film because it brought back some memories to me of a friendship and a rowing trip I once did in the US. Nachttocht is a rare film which nowadays is gaining popularity despite being released in 1982.  There are no indecent scenes whatsoever which makes it suitable for all ages.

The DVD of Nachttocht was provided by CVMC. Without their support this review would not have been possible.



  1. I am glad that you liked the film. Speaking of its ending I myself can not decide if it was disappointing or not. It gives the chances to the viewers to go on with the story imagining all different ways the story portrayed might have ended. Its a sensible theme …and I am thinking to avoid the cliched endings I have seen on so many similarily themed films the directors decided to leave it open ended …it suits me.

  2. Thank you for the nice words.Nachttocht is one of the films that I have no reserve from recommending highly. As far as the video quality is concerned – one has to keep in mind that the film was released more than 20 years ago for TV – so one should be thankful that at least some copy is preserved .I am not that used to HD yet – and have always had a taste for the vintage – when it comes to like music , photography or video – so I could live with the quality as it is – as I have seen much worse copies on another films – but after all its the story and the actors…hmm

  3. This was a very moving review of a very good movie. My heart was tugged at by the star and his hero. It is so hard to grow up especially without your own hero. I agree with the viewer above and wish a cleaner version was available

  4. I was a bit surprised too – that the film was 63 minutes while most of the ones that are shoot nowadays are like 80-90 – but as far as timing goes I don`t think that extending the story much would have done any good to the film. As about the ending – in a sense I am content in the way it did end – as I am afraid that other ways from an original movie such as Nachttocht – could become cliced bad ending story – which in a way lacks in the film , and what`s better even if I did not approve the teacher telling lies to the boy while they spoke after the shower scene he said some very wise words about age and friendship I could only agree with.

  5. I have had this movie in my collection for about a year now, but since i have gotten used to HD now this (what looks to me) homemade vhs-dvd transfer made me forget it. I read your review about 1.5h ago and decided to give it a try, and you sure were right… this is a good movie.
    They could have developed the story a bit more, it all felt a bit short. I wanted to see a bit more of his feelings, how he, his mum and his trainer got along after the café scene in the end. Also the night he came home and found the trainer in bed with his mum.

    So much more could have been made, even so… this movie is truly exceptional and i wish that a real dvd-version will be released soon.


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