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Introducing Daniel J: That London Boy

The latest skyrocketing internet sensation is a 14-year-old singer from London - Daniel John (Daniel J).

Exclusive interview: Straalen McCallum

The Next Megastar: Straalen McCallum - that's how we titled the article introducing Straalen and his music which was published at only a few months ago. Today he is already signed by Sony Australia...

Introducing Laurin Greiter

Introducing a promising young talent -- 12-year-old Laurin Greiter from Austria.

Alexander Georgiev – Alex

Alexander Victorov Georgiev (or Alex to his family and friends) was born on September 21, 1999 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He began singing at the age of six and made his first public appearance on the competition “Stars Are Rising”. He unanimously won that competition and thus started his career as a young singer.

Exclusive interview: Yatharth Ratnum

Several months ago we introduced Yatharth Ratnum - a promising young singer and performer from the holy city of Varanasi, in the north-east of India. Now, due to the immense interest towards him and his music, has conducted an exclusive interview with him.

Alyssa Shouse

Alyssa Shrouse has the perfect pop voice. I was truly amazed at how well it fits into this style of music. I have listened to her sing various songs and she fits right in with some of the rising stars of pop.

On The Wings Of A Treble – Sam Verlinden

There is a rising star out there you need to keep an eye on. A wonderful young voice by the name of Sam Verlinden.