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Introducing Daniel J: That London Boy

Daniel JThe latest skyrocketing internet sensation is a 14-year-old singer from London – Daniel John (Daniel J).  Only four weeks ago, Daniel started posting covers on YouTube and promoting them on Twitter with aplomb! Now he‘s also using Tumblr to promote his videos and updates and recently did his first live stream on Twitvid for his fans.

I found Daniel on Twitter pleading for users to sub his channel and bring him to 3,000 subs before January 1, 2012. HUMBUG, I thought. This was ten days before Christmas and, at that point, he had around 700 YouTube subs.  What a shock when I checked his channel a few days before the 25th and it was already at circa 2,000 subs! Like a Christmas Miracle, his popularity zoomed. By December 26th, Daniel had  45,270 views and 4,017 subs (#52 – on the December most subbed list in the UK), well over the goal of 3,000!

Currently (January 2, 2012)  DANIEL J has 58,508 views and 5,181 subs! We haven’t seen this kind of star birth on YouTube since Justin Bieber (now iconic) did it some years ago.

Daniel started by posting covers every second day and shooting interesting videos to match the songs – an admirable work rate, although the videos are short. Among others, he‘s covered several songs of Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Kanye West, Cody Simpson, Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown.  His voice is sandy smooth like his hair and is well-suited to romantic beats.  He  is a determined youngster who has a talent for picking the right kind of songs , modern and romantic, which appeal to a lot of people. Daniel J was born in The London Borough of Enfield  and has picked up guitar mostly from watching tutorials on YouTube.  He‘s done some busking and sang at a talent competition.

His favorite  artists?  Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and, of course, Justin Bieber who he‘d like to perform with sometime. Daniel has pledged to upload original songs in 2012 and will do a once monthly live stream via Twitvid for his rapidly growing supporters. We‘re looking forward to finding out more about this new singer and will be checking up on him in the future.

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  1. I would like to thank all my fans for posting nice and positive comments! I love you all so very much. This one message I want to send to you guys is that my alienmeerkat app is on the app store now, so please dowoad it. it will let you know that when my next videos will be posted and will give you full updates of my video. and we can have alien meerchat! Peace and love you all once again #YOLOSWAG

    Love You all once again and Thank You so Very Much!
    You guys mean a lot to me (:

  2. Danial J even though I just found out about your super sweet voice and nature I already love you you are so cute if you ever do this for your career I will defrnantly go to one of your concerts or maybe all of them but you have a new fan now

  3. Daniel, you are a total inspiration to me. Because of you i conquered my stage freight and I have fun, but as not much fun as you. You are awesome and I love you so much. I used to live in London, but sadly I moved to Chicgao. I love the way you treat your family respectfully. YOu are such a charming boy;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i play this game (city Story) and i tell people to check you out on YouTube, because i want to help you get the viewers you need. I also want you to have a great amount of subscribers because your just amamzing. Many people that i have talked with in that game has loved you so very much and gave you a thumbs up, commented positive comments, and of course, subscribed. Your Just a hard working guy and I seriously Love YOu For that. NEver GIve UP and NeveR QuIt!! WE all Love You<3 and omg your lip btitng and flips… u just kill me. i LOve You and i hope when i move back to London hopefully, i can actually meet you in person. I love you so much!!! <3 and one day when you get famous, like totally famous… dont worry because i will be your #1 fan. Infinity and Beyond. Love you and hope you keeo your career going. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OMG!!! Daniel i love you so much. Your not just talented but your such an inspiration to me. Never Give up on your dreams, and forget about the haters because all they want is to prove that your nothing; you are person, but talented and funny. BTW.. LOVE YOUR FLIPS<3 they are just amazing. Keep doing what your doing LOndon Boy;)

  5. He sent me a DM, and he is not only a good-looking good singing boy. He is also someone who inpsired me with just 1 DM he says; never give up <3 x

  6. hey i am really big fan i really love you Daniel I really want very very much to see up close but I know that will never happen: (you’re the boy I dreamed I love you tremendously when I first heard him I said he is the best in all the world, you really are my whole my life just being you are god and you have a perfect voice I adore you Daniel and I will never stop I adore you ,you’ re my whole life I love you tremendously you’re gorgeous and that your voice is killing me you’re just perfect for me and all others adore you Daniel J WORLD

  7. Well now if you check his youtube its been suspended.

    “This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.”

    May i suggest when you fall in love with these boys you dont be so blind and ignorant

    • I have updated the article, Billy. I am guessing that you are referring to Daniel`s fans in your last sentence – even if I do not see why one would categorize them as either blind or ignorant .

    • Apparently his channel was closed down because 70% of his subscribers were bought, not real subscribers. It’s sad when these kids start out and people jump on board and do the wrong thing and it makes the kid look bad. Austin Mahone was very lucky to get away with the same thing. He made it just in time before youtube cracked down on this but its going to be a lot harder to fake it to make it now. James was very successful with Bieber and Mahone by buying a massive amount of comments, subscribers and likes. It was a great ploy in the past but youtube is cracking down on that now so it can prove to its customers that its viewers are real people. Thats why Daniels channel got caught out now. Even now Bieber and Mahone are only at around 30-40% real followers on twitter. They worked the system beautifully and they deserve their success. Kudo’s to James on a job well done.

      Just in case youre wondering why these people buy so many views, comments, likes and subscribers its all because of how youtube works. Youtube promotes videos that are booming. If you buy a huge amount of fake views, comments etc that makes it appear like your video is booming and it it gets massively promoted by youtube. This means it will get a huge amount of real views which with those come real comments and subscribers. So even if only 10% of people like the artist they are still exposed to millions of people and their real account grows extremely fast. If someone like Daniels manager didnt buy all these views his videos would stay hidden on page 30 or more of the searches for the songs he covers so his growth would be extremely slow. The plan is to buy a massive amount of subs and views to start with to get youtube to promote the channel and then the real subs will roll in. Unfortunately for Daniel youtube started investigating who had real or fake subscribers and Daniel had so many that they closed down his channel. I’m guessing some calls were made to some friends in LA who were able to talk to their friends at youtube and he was able to get his channel back.

      I give his manager credit now for the new ploy of asking people with videos that are getting huge views to promote him on their videos, it seems to be working awesomely. I give credit where it is due, well done team Daniel for this new innovation.

    • Thanks for the insights Adam. I may be naive – but it the end it comes to if a person likes the music and appearance of a certain singer or not. The most popular song on YouTube for 2012 as we all know is Gangnam Style. Personally I don`t have any doubts that a significant amount of money went into its promotion. (Because frankly the song is just like any good 80s disco)
      Sometimes it comes to Marketing – and the skills of the manager , PR or the kid himself ( if the singer is one ). I write a lot about young singers from across the globe – some of them are from Russia and to me are much more talented than many of the rest that are being hyped. What`s missing for them – the right promotion I guess. It’s much the same for movies as what’s get the most box office rarely is the best thing to see

    • hey billy gun-i find your comment offensive for two reasons-One) the article presents Daniel J as a popular new artist,which he still is.I dont see how you extract “falling in love” from that.
      Two)”blind and ignorant” insults the writer -THATS ME PAL!! before you go shooting off yer pistol look carefully at the article–its a factual account of Daniels debut on the internet.His channel suspension was already in my ears some days ago and will not stop his followers and admirers.In fact,when the new channel opens,i predict there will be a new DANIEL BOOM: In future save your insults or i will ask the site owner to block you. rjmendera dortmund

  8. Daniel is clearly a wonderful young man who possesses extreme talent both vocally and musically.  I have been supporting him for some time now and have greeted him several times both on FB and Twitter.  He has real drive and has been working very hard to not only promote himself but creating videos on a consistent basis and touching base with all his fans, supporters and followers. 

    This kid is legitimate.  He has many friends who are looking out for him some who are already professional actors producing major Block Office Busting Movies.  I know first hand that they have been giving him their support and using their influence to help promote his musical efforts.

    Regardless of accusations or all the fuss I’m reading here, I see a youngster who has talent and this is the bottom line that will make him or break him.

    Daniel has the whole package.  He has the looks, the musical talent, and a wonderful magnetic personality and charm that gives him the potential to be a winner.,

    I’m proud of him and the strides that he has made. You can be sure that even before this introduction article was published here I have already been working to have him introduced on Rivenmaster’s Place.

    Best of Success Daniel!

    Thanks RJ for the article and for your support of another fine young artists.


  9. Great article, were hope to have him in Los Angeles soon meeting with Disney and a few producers.  You got a great team. 

  10. How do you get 2598 subscribers on the day before Christmas which was a very quiet day on youtube because of the changes youtube made to the channels.. then on Christmas day you only get 3 subscribers. Despite getting 2600 subscribers on December 24 the 2 videos that he posted that day still only have 24 comments between them and still havent had 2000 views between them, could that mean all those subscribers subscribed directly to his subscription link and never even went to his channel? :)  If the subs came from a promotion he would have got hundreds the next day as well as its not Christmas day at the same time everywhere in the world…… but if they were bought then I guess the paid subscriber people took Christmas day off. After Christmas his channel got 21, 370, 410, 198, 145, 7, 9, 20, 19 and 21… how on earth did he get those huge days unless they were bought subscribers? If they were real the numbers would be in the 100's ever day. Youtube subscriptions rates vary over time but are very consistent day to day… Today he had 2 hours where he actually lost more subscribers than he gained. I only deal in facts when it comes to youtube channels, thats why I say that I'm an expert on it, Ive built huge channels and know how to do it and one way that I didnt use was to buy views, subs and comments, its his early comments that were from fake channels by the way. The idea is to buy your views and subs to build momentum so youtube promotes you and then your later subs are real. Lets see if he has any massive sub days now the cat is out of the bag and lets look and see if his new subscribers on any boom days are real channels….. I have no time for promoters that dont build their channels and try and scam websites like yours with fake articles to help with their promotion, they rely on you falling for their scam to keep building their channels.

  11. Sorry to bust your bubble but this kid is booming because someone has bought him thousands of fake subs and views and he should be reported to youtube. 
    Thousands of his subscribers are fake channels that have no real activity and are used as “You pay to get subscriber channels.” Have a look how many thousand of his subscriber channels have been suspended due to violations of youtubes spam, scams and commercial deception policy. In other words they were closed down because they were used for the purposes of selling fake subscribers, views and comments. Someone has been buying his views, comments and subscribers to make him look popular but also to have youtube promote him more. I dont know about you but that doesnt impress me much at all. Ive provided my name and email address with comment so its not like I’m here to cause trouble, just reveal the truth.

    • I am not too familiar with YouTube , yet I just went to Daniel`s channel and clicked on about 20 profiles of people who left a comment there. All of them were an active YouTube listeners. Same I saw on his Twitter channel. Other than that as you may read from my comment its the music that Danel does and the way he presents it that makes an impression on me . At the moment I can`t comment further on your statement

    • Im an expert on youtube, The idea of using large numbers of fake subscribers, views and comments in a short time is so that youtube promotes your videos and youtube sends real viewers to your channel. Thats what youre seeing, and why you see real comments. You will also notice how that huge growth of subs has stopped dead now that the scam has been noticed. His subs were coming in 1000 subscriber lumps. Id seen he had 2500 subs and looked back 90 minutes later and he had 3500 subs, then he’d have 5 or 6 subs for the next 20 hours thats how I first spotted it. 
      Go to his subscriber list on his channel and click on the first 20 pages of subscribers and see how many are fake channels or have been closed down under youtubes scams rules. That will help you understand my comment. His videos are only sounding better now because they are getting mixed, if you actually listen to just his voice he isnt very good at all but he has someone mixing him to make them sound better.
      His channel says he is blonde haired and blue eyed but he was brown haired when i first saw him. Thats all part of what the person working with him is trying to do to build his channel. Daniels just a kid, its not his fault, he’s just doing what he’s told. There is an adult manipulating his channel and videos, they are the one doing the wrong thing. The kid wouldnt know how to do this himself.

    • thanks for your comments Dean.Ive asked Daniel’s site to respond to your accusations and we’ll check behind scenes to find out what the truth is.As far as coloring his hair or modifying  his recordings, those arent major sins to me,but part of showbiz!!.If its true that he has bought subs+comments as you say,it would be ethically disapointing to me,but it wouldnt be the first site that has done so.The work behind his videos and recordings seems to me to be genuine,and i dont agree that Daniel is not a good singer. Manipulating an image is as old as CYRUS the GREAT who let his first in command ride into a conquered city as a Doppelgänger.
                      But thanks for displaying these stats.Like i say,we will check it–yours–rjmendera

    • Hi Rj, Im surprised you didnt go check his original subscribers like I said before commenting. Theyre posted on his channel but may not be once this gets back to him. Im not too fussed about his hair or the mastering of his voice. Thats all part of marketing in this game but I find it funny that they say he is a blue eyed blond when the blond has been added. He really isnt a good singer but he’s not woeful, so theyve done a great job on his sound. Most people dont work at my level in the music industry so what sounds good to most people will never sound good to people like me. I’ll be amazed if whoever is behind him admits to buying the subs. If you had of gone and checked the subs he has listed on his channel first there would never be a doubt in your mind. So many subs with no videos and no subscribers themselves and so many subs, like hundreds plus that have been removed due to youtube spam violations.

      lol I just checked his channel and he’s removed his subscribers from view, I hope you checked them first and then he added this rubbish to cover buying his subs in his comments. Im very tempted to contact Youtube and have his channel closed down. They cant hide it from youtube. 
      “Thanks to all the celebs that tweeted for their hundreds of thousands of fans to sub me, .. thank you so much.
      please keep tweeting and help me get more subscribers. please help me make this channel go viral!
      x x x Daniel J”I think you have enough proof, ask him what celebs tweeted and go check there tweets on Dec24 and see if they tweeted for him? I say we’ve called his bluff.

    • OK you’ve made your point and we’ve displayed your comments–i would ask you to leave it at that.We have a response from his site but i wont post it rjm dortmund

    • Not a problem Rjm, sorry that it needed to be pointed out. This is a great site with honest intentions in supporting young talent.. Wishing you all the best for 2012

  12. Great introduction Rj. Personally I discovered Daniel J and his music about a week after his first clip was released . At the time I was not that impressed , but having read your article and watched the rest of the clips on his account he clearly gets better and better – a clear evidence of his determination as you wrote in the article. He has a great voice for ballads which is why I love his cover of  “Adele`s  ” Someone Like you ” .  As you described his voice  ” well-suited to romantic beats ” – I am sure that it alongside his good looks will make quite a few girl`s hearts tremble .  He is quite photogenic as well and has a talent to star in front of the camera – which really shows .  Now alongside the well chosen covers he does – and in the rate he is gaining fans , subscribers …etc hopefully soon we will hear an original song …I wonder if it would be a ballad ….may be.  

  13. He is everything the article says and more. I have followed his career for months now and his music is something very special that I have not seen anywhere else. I just hope he does not get the big head that Justin Bieber has but even if I will always be honored of being one of his first fans. Give him this year and see where he is a year from now. I see big things for him. Watch for that smile of his at the end of his songs when he looks into the camera. 

  14. When I first heard him sing I knew right away that he was going to be a hit. He was determined to succeed and his hard work is paying off. Congratulations Daniel, just keep doing what you’re doing and 2012 will be great for you,


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