Temporada de patos /Duck Season

I saw this movie last night. It was one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen – weird in a good way. The story line is simple – two 14 years Flama and Moko are preparing to spend typical Sunday afternoon in an apartment somewhere in Mexico. They are typical teens and as soon as are left alone start playing video games. Those scenes – the scenes on which they play are really fun – I almost wanted to jump and turn my Sony on just because of the way both boys were getting into it. Then as they play the doorbell rings – and it turns out to be their neighbor next door – good looking girl who wants to use their oven. At first the boys are way too busy with their game to pay any attention to the girl.

Naturally they get hungry and order a pizza. The delivery man is quite a character you would see – riding his motorcycle as crazy in the city to get the order in time. But he was late – or may be he was`t but that is what the Flama said in order to avoid paying for the Pizza. What follow is a comic, and tragic and real – all at ones – the delivery man decides to stay untill gets paid , the girl run in some troubles while using the oven – and the Flama and Moko are being typical teens . Now we have four people in the flat and it seems that they will get to know each other better …

temporada-de-patosThe acting in this movie is quite well – and this is despite the fact that most of the cast does not have any previous experience as actors. All scenes are in black and white which created an unique atmosphere . The photography is excellent and shows the immense talent and creativity of the movie director. You may also notice that the movie is full of symbolism – the ducks , the candies which the girl bites trying to guess their color and many more. You just have to read between the lines.

Duck Season is indeed a very realistic movie , full with life lessons – simple and complex at the same time. It would provide enjoyment for all fans of international ,independent and comping of age movies .

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  1. I’ve wanted to see this for a while! Have you seen Y Tu Mama Tambien that Alfonso Cuaron was also involved with (directed in this case)? Bit more adult but I would highly recommend it.

    • Y Tu Mama Tambien is often mentioned in the lists featuring Coming of Age Movies. I have seen it and while generally I enjoyed the film – it did not impress me with anything in particular ( story , acting or cinematography )


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