The Cure (1995)

The CureI have heard that this movie is really great. Times and times, it was recommended to me by almost everyone who has seen it – and the only reason which prevented seeing me earlier was that I was unable to get a decent copy of it. Yesterday I finally watched it – up until 4 am actually and now I can say that I would join the people who regard this movie as one of the best made. The Cure tells the story of 2 friends – 11-year-old Dexter, diagnosed with AIDS from a blood transfusion, and his best friend, Erik. Joseph Mazzello plays the leading roles ( I last saw him in the movie Radio Flyer ) and Brad Renfro ( he played in movies such as Skipped Parts, Sleepers, and the Client ). Both actors did an incredible job in The Cure. I am having a hard time thinking of another movie in which real and close friends are better portrayed. The soundtrack is excellent, and the music fits nicely into the scenes contributing to their impact on the viewer. See and hear for yourself -a scene from the movie with the song The Great Escape performed by Marc Cohn playing :

Trailer: The Cure (1995). Joseph Mazzello, Brad Renfro

I highly recommend this movie. If you can`t find it – see a clip created by scenes from it and set to the song Imagine performed by Declan Galbraith -here – but beware the clip reveals a bit too much of the movie`s plot.

I didn’t take too many notes during this movie; I was too busy crying. Not because of the easy target one becomes when confronted by a brave, bright little boy with an incurable illness. But because the acting is so persuasive that the characters feel like family.(1)

Similarly themed movie is the French Oscar et la Dame Rose (2009) – and collectively it and the cure are one of the most emotional dramas the coming of age genre is proud with.

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