“Muchacho Del Flamenco” – a feature coming of age film

Coming of age films which deals with youthful talent and inspiration have achieved a classic standing . We all remember the huge success of films such as ” Love and Dance ” and ” Billy Elliot ” – which is why the news about a new ground-breaking feature film about a boy passionate about music and dance really rose the interest in me. What`s more  – the screenwriter of the new film with a working title “Muchacho Del Flamenco” is the legendary American screenwriter and producer Stephen Ryder. ( whom I recently interviewed for another film of his – ” The Last days of April ” )

According to a press release of Metropolis Films Inc ,”Muchacho Del Flamenco” would tell  the story of a 13 year-old boy being raised by a single mom in Barcelona’s suburbs. “Pablo” aspires to be the greatest Flamenco dancer in all of Spain, much like his hero Rafael Amargo( Who  signed on as the film`s choreographer). Pablo’s grandmother, a faded dancer herself, seeing his spectacular ability, secretly encourages the boy. This causes conflict with the boys’ mother, who is pragmatic and hard-working, and a strict mother to the boy. She has no love of the dance. A 9 to 5 job is her ideal.

Sounds interesting , doesn`t it ?

From the same press release we also learn that Metropolis Films has commenced a nation-wide search in Spain for the right boy to play the role of Pablo. Marianne Nilson-Nygaard of Casting Marbella said “This is a starring role which requires excellent dancing ability, and a very handsome face, much like a young Farruquito. Candidates must be no taller than 157 cm.  No singing is involved and no acting experience is required, but the boy selected will be athletic, statuesque and able to take direction.”

If you know boy who fits in that description ( yes I throught of Antonio Jose )  and would like to be auditioned for the leading role in the film , mention the web site of the casting agency where their contact e-mail can be obtained .  Note that Ryder and his co-producer Rick Lancaster decided on Barcelona and its environs for filming locations after conversations with Jorge Sobredo, Spain’s cultural attaché at the Spanish Embassy in Washington D.C.


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