Bloody Birthday is a horror movie from 1981 . Its often regarded as a slasher film, only the killers in it are three adorable little kids.  Debbie (Elizabeth Hoy), Curtis (Billy Jacoby), and Steven (Andy Freeman) are born in 1970 during a solar eclipse. The odd timing of their birth seemed to affect the  personalities  of the kids( note the similarities with the Omen) as  when they are just about to turn ten they become violent

The acting is average and to me it seems that only the three young actors deserve some credits for their efforts. Especially Billy Jayne in the role of Curtis who managed to present his character as a very creepy little dude!


The movie is entertaining and will make a good use of your late Friday night hours. Its a slasher horror movie made to entertain, instead  of scaring you .  To me it was good at achieving that goal. While some other reviewers pointed out that the movie is a bit lame, I suggest that you see it and decide for yourself.

Bloody Birthday (1981)
85 min|Horror, Thriller|28 Apr 1981
5.7Rating: 5.7 / 10 from 3,867 usersMetascore: 49
Three children are born at the height of an eclipse of the sun. Ten years later, they begin to murder the people around them - even their family members.



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