Buitenspel (2005)

buitenspelAnother movie that made it in my all-time favourites list – Buitenspel, is a great coming of age story that I highly recommend to you. I just finished watching the movie – and I am still hooked on the DVD extras – all the interviews and scenes, and the music – the music is one of a kind. The movie’s main character is 12 years old Gilles – who plays football and dreams of becoming invited to the “Red Devils” teams ( the Belgium nationals).

His father supports him a lot, and there is a strong bond between them. Buitenspel is one of these movies which focuses on the father-son relationship amongst other things and does that in such a unique manner that will make you want to watch it over and over

Ilya Van Malderghem



In general, I am not fond of watching soccer games ( but love playing it when I have an opportunity ). Still, the scenes in Buitenspel, which focused on that game, went good that I felt all the excitement related to watching a final of your favourite team. If you like soccer, you will fall in love with this movie. A few years ago, I wish it was available when I was trying to get my best friend from the USA ( who happens to be the same age as Gilles) hooked into Soccer – as I would have succeeded insure in that task.
Ilya Van Malderghem plays Gilles’s role – and I have to say that he did an incredible job in the movie. The other actors – especially Filip Peeters, who played the father did a great job as well. Getting sucked into the story -is a major indicator that the actors surpassed my own expectations. Gilles learns about himself – how to deal with disaster, misfortunes – the importance of believing in himself. His path to coming of age is not an easy one – but one which every fan of the genre would truly appreciate seeing.
Finally, I would like to mention the excellent ending, not a typical one indeed – but allow me to quote the pal who gave me that movie first place :buitenspel
“…. it makes the story rather real this waythe sad ending, like…. down to earth storymore like stressing on the real life…. it would have been a bit of cliche if it was pink happy ending but it wasn’tand it’s stronger story this way
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