Cafe com leite

Cafe com leite

Cafe com leite is a short movie from Brazil.  The film was shot entirely in the city of Sao Paulo by a young Brazilian crew. It tells a story of a homosexual couple, Danilo and Marcos, that has to change their plans for the future when the former has to take care of his younger brother after the death of their parents.

In a sense the movie is quite similar to the Spanish movie Cachorro – only its shorter and would appeal to a different audience may be . I must say that I remained disappointed by the film – something in the story seemed missing and incomplete , yet the excellent acting of the cast compensated a bit for that. The camera work was quite good and the movie is full with vivid colors . Fans of short movie genre would enjoy it.


Official movie site

The movie has been screened at variety of festivals across the world and even won Crystal Bear for best short film at the 2008 Berlin Film Festival.


  1. It’s really nice to know that you have Brazilians movies too.
    Some of Brazilians movies are boring but some of them are really good this one looks being one. ^-^


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