Canvas (2006)

canvas 2006 dvd coverI haven’t seen acting like the one in Canvas in a long time .  The best actor in the movie is Joe Pantoliano in the role of a father who has to take care of his son while his life is taken away in a mental hospital. In few other reviews I saw opinions that Devon Gearhart who played the son in Canvas was not capable to show the depth of his character – but I would rather disagree .For me he did a really good job and I think that his talent will be shining in the years to come. Of course I won`t miss to mention Marcia Gay Harden – who has the most challenging job of portraying a woman with mental disorder  – and was brilliant at that.
Canvas is the kind of movie I won`t be surprised to see in Sociology classes  at school.  It has some really strong scenes – like the one in which the mother was taking into a hospital by a police – surprisingly or not I felt tears on my cheeks while watching this scene. Learning how to be a real family – father , mother and a son – this could be a tagline for Canvas. At the same time I think that it would be better of the movie was more realistic ( as Stephen Holden suggested in his review) – it would have made an even better drama.
Canvas 2006 Official Trailer


  1. I totally agree, especially in consideration of the brilliant performances by the three main characters (starring as the “Marino” family). Thanks for the review, it’s definitely a unique, serious and worth-watching film.


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