How I Will Miss Billy Elliot the Musical

Now that the Canadian production of "Billy Elliot the Musical" has closed, all that is left for the Billy-bewitched in the Toronto area is to lament its passing, hoping only that, perhaps, one day they might make the trip to New York or London to see it there. For now, here's one writer's "lament" about how he will miss this wonderful show.

The Psychology of the Coming of Age Movie

Almost all world cultures throughout history have had some type of coming of age rite of passage. In the Western world today, rites of passage aren't so clearly defined. The Coming of Age genre in movies of today has evolved over the years; a look at that evolution...
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A Quick Look At Boy Scout Movies

Boy Scout movies are a bit rare compared to a number of other teeny bopper themes that make their mark on the blockbuster charts these days. But there are a number of flicks with a Boy Scout theme that are worth mentioning.
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Top 5 Coming of Age Books for Girls by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen tackles difficult life issues in her coming of age stories for teens and pre-teens. They are entertaining and easy for struggling teens to relate to.

Why do my parents hate my music when theirs is SO lame?

Teens: Is it worth the effort to try to get your parents interested in the music you love? Might it be easier to just have your parents hate your music? Well, when people who love you hate something you love, it can really suck out a lot of the fun. And you know that music is a great way to connect with people. So it may be worth some extra conversation. Read about why.
The Little Prince

Coming of Age in The Little Prince

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is not only one of the best-selling books ever - it is also one of the best coming of age novels ever written.
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Coming of Age Themes in the Films of Studio Ghibli

Here are five brief reviews of coming of age films recommended by the author as being exceptional values from the Japanese animated film house Studio Ghibli.
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Coming Of Age Films For Girls Have Finally Come Of Age

The age of a new genre of coming of age films is upon us - covering the experiences of teenage girls. They are without whimsy or saccharine sweetness formerly associated with such films.
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Top 5 Young Actresses Everyone Loves

Being role models, these young ladies inspire their generation to become better people. Could your favorite make it to the list? Check out the following young actresses of this generation.

The Benefits of Watching Coming of Age Films with Children

There’s a lot to be said for watching Coming of Age movies with your kids, using this medium when other attempts for getting through to the child don’t seem to work. And there could be a benefit or two for the parent as well.

Short films vs Full Features in the Coming of Age genre

Where do you think the future of the coming of age films lies? Do you expect to see more short films than full features?
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Coming of age books for boys

This article is reprint from the original article published at a wiki blog called "Book Lust-A Community for People Who Love Books with Nancy Pearl". Because the original article is no longer available online, we decided to reprint it for the benefit of all people who are fond of coming of age stories and literature.