Street Magic

    I was wondering what title should I put on this article. Street Magic or Volshebniki Dvora as the Russian vocal group behind those names...
    Jordan Jansen at 10, Already an Aussie Ledgend

    Jordan Jansen at 10, Already an Aussie Ledgend

    Jordan Jansen - A little over two years ago, a young boy stood alone, on a very, very large stage. His eyes stayed low, looking down at his feet. His breathing was rapid and his blood rushed as the music began to play and quietly he began to sing.

    Alexander Desiré – Bel Canto

    A stunning vocal extravaganza showcasing the brilliance of Louis-Alexander Desire to the incredible music of the famed piano prodigy

    The Gentle Voice of Noa Johannesson

    The Gentle Voice of Noa Johannesson. Noa is an incredibly gifted young man, although he thinks himself just like every other kid.He began playing guitar when he was ten and he says he has been singing all his life.

    On The Wings Of A Treble – Sam Verlinden

    There is a rising star out there you need to keep an eye on. A wonderful young voice by the name of Sam Verlinden.

    YouTube – The Largest Casting Call in History

    Before a casting call is made they look to the tube. You Tube that is.
    Vox Angeli

    Vox Angeli

    The first album of Vox Angeli was released few days ago (February 4, 2008) and it seems that it has gained popularity judging from...


    Almost everyone into Treble music knows about Libera. Reading about them at BCSD I could not miss the fact that they have succeeded in...

    Antonio Jose

    An update : Exclusive interview of Antonio Jose for Antonio has released one album, and according to his official web page a second one...

    STEKLOVATA – Glass wool

    Introducing the Russian band Steklovata - Denis Belikin and Arthur Yeremeyev.Producer:Sergey Kuznecov. The finest Russian treble music - only at

    Hanson – Back in my Life!

    For those of you who do not know I was and still am fan of Hanson. It has been already eight years since I first heard their hit single and got instantly addicted.