gift cover“Being rich is not about how much you have, but about how much you can give.”

Do your parents embarrass you?

Children don’t always appreciate the sacrifices made by their parents. It’s a fact – and I have to admit that, at times, I was/am also one who wished that my parents were rich and famous. But as does the protagonist of the 2013 Singaporean short film Gift (directed by Daniel Yam Kum Tim), I have learned to value other things and actions more than money.

The premise of Gift is simple: a young boy (Yoro Tan) despises his father for being poor and unsuccessful. Years later the boy, now a busy yuppie, comes to the realization of how wrong he was in judging his father.

The movie offers a touching and profound story with a message that one can’t remain indifferent to. Admittedly, I had tears in my eyes while watching the film, not tears of sadness, but because of the emotional way in which the story is told.

I found the story in Gift truly inspirational and urge you to watch it and recommend it to your peers.

You can watch the entire film below:


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