Soft Like Me (1996)

Soft Like MeWhen you think disturbing movie – think Soft Like Me. After seeing it yesterday I could only  say that  a film can hardly get more disturbing that that.Even its tag line ” With hope comes punishment” sounds quite weird , surreal and depressing .

On a prairie wheat field in a mythical past or fantasy future , boys are enslaved to harvest wheat. They hope to escape, but with hope comes punishment —firm and final punishment.  In an article titled Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Canadian Film [1] the film  is said to deal with the intersections of the prairie landscape and childhood…and while that is not a very detailed or accurate description – I am guessing that its shows some insights of what the movie is about. To me it also seemed like horror film.

Soft like me

While researching for the review you are now reading I stumbled upon an interview with the film director says :

In Soft Like Me, for example, I wanted to recreate the Canadian prairies at the turn of the century, but the one that no one talks about. It’s the one that isn’t in the history books because history is obsessed with blunt objects like facts.” [2]

Some of you are familiar with the rather popular The Nature of Nicholas.  Soft Like Me (1996) –  a 24-minute short film  is directed by the same Canadian director  Jeff Erbach.  I admit that I am having troubles following the movie he directs – or even understanding them – but at the same time he has an unique style that can be hardly mistaken.

Sample Clip


The movie can be seen online at the Underground film website , but be warned that it contains violence, and mature themes. Soft Like Me is one of the bleakest, most chilling visions you’ll ever encounter.

Sources :

[2] Sinister Seven: Jeff Erbach – link

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