Interdependence (2013)

Interdependence“The events of childhood do not pass, but repeat themselves like seasons of the year”

Eleanor Farjeon

We will probably never have such friends as the ones we had in our childhood. The magical time of our youth – filled with innocence, discoveries and joys — is the central theme of the creative short film that Tomas Makovsky directed for the musical piece Interdependence by Adrian Corker.

Although the film screen time is only three minutes and it lacks any dialogue, Tomas Makovsky manages to capture the timeless essence of childhood. The film illustrates, to great effect, how a musical score and visuals can achieve a perfect symbiosis – so that the action on screen lives on in the mind of its viewers as they are being led on a trip down memory lane.

Undoubtedly, the beautiful cinematography, the director’s attention to detail and his skillful editing all play an important role in the film’s appeal. Despite the lack of dialogue, the story evolves as one observes how the friendship between two boys (played by Logan Shearer and Connor Donaghey) evolves on screen.   A sincere visual poem filled with intimacy and innocence is probably the best way to describe Makovsky’s film.

For more insights about the making of the film, read the intriguing interview of director Tomas Makovsky — published at One Point Four website.