ariel sebastian

His name is Ariel Sebastian and he is an immensely talented young singer with a beautiful treble voice that evokes strong emotions in those who hear it. It’s an angelic voice which reflects both his passion for God and for music.  Regardless of what your religion may be – once you hear Ariel singing you will know just how the angels praise the Lord.

Ariel Sebastian is twelve-years-old  and is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Raised in a religious Christian family, he has always felt close to Jesus. His parents recognized his talent and signed him up for piano lessons at the tender age of eight.  He continued to develop both his vocal and instrumental skills and, at age eleven, was discovered by the legendary Argentinian producer Pablo Ramírez with whom he released his first album Roca Eterna, making him the Youngest Psalmist of Christian Music. His album contains thirteen songs containing a unique mixture of melodic pop vibes and touching ballads.

His talent was properly recognized when, in 2010, the National Academy of Music and Christian Arts nominated him in seven of the 22 categories of the Arpa Awards.  Among the nominations were:  Best Male Vocal Album, Launch of the Year, Producer of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Cover Design, Best Music Video and Best Independent Album.




When I first discovered Ariel’s music just few days ago, I could not believe that I had not previously heard of this gifted singer and his captivating voice. I have often wondered what the meaning of Christian Music is – Christian Pop, Rock…etc. and I think that, thanks to Ariel, I finally have an answer to this question. It is a music with a message – a message of love and hope, of peace and freedom. Currently, one can hardy find any information in English about  Ariel.  Yet, those of you who know Spanish will be able to discover many articles in various blogs and online publications.

I hope that you have enjoyed this introduction to Ariel Sebastian and will share your impressions of him and his music with the readers of, using the comments form below.


  1. This beautiful little boy has been blessed by God. And Ariel has blessed us with the gift that God has given him. What a delight…..what a treasure he is !!! Fortunately, I have been able to purchase his CD and will have it soon.

  2. While I understood not a word I was especially moved by the passion in his performance! His voice is wonderful and truly a gift from God! I pray his success is great and that he continues to bless the world with his vocal talent!



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