Jacob Guay

Introducing Jacob – a talented young singer from Canada. Like most Canadians, Jacob speaks both English and French – but chooses to sing in French, much like his fellow Canadian actor/singer Élie Dupuis. Nowadays, almost every young singer who sings contemporary music and R&B is inevitably compared with Justin Bieber.  Which is why Jacob is considered by many to be the French language answer to that other Canadian pop-R&B singer who has taken the world by a storm.

Jacob started singing at a very young age and by April 2009 had already been signed by the independent Canadian label Orange Music and released his debut album Partir pour les étoiles (Go for the Stars). Filled with melodic ballads and catchy pop songs and featuring covers of the songs Deux frères sous le soleil originally performed by Bryan Adams and Dans un spoutnik by Daniel Bélanger,  the album became a favorite of many people across the world who appreciate the soulful performances and pure treble vocals of the young Canadian singer. In 2009,  Jacob had many appearances in events across Canada and France.

In June 2010,  just one year after his debut, Jacob surprised his fans by releasing a single  Jacob featuring Karl Wolf, followed by the release of his second album Si jeune in collaboration with the R&B singer, songwriter and producer Karl Wolf. From chansons and ballads to R&B – a real transformation!  The songs in Si jeune are enjoyable even if you don’t know French and (I know I say this with the risk of being attacked by the millions of Justin Bieber fans out there) I think that Jacob’s voice and the music arrangements of his songs are on higher level than those of Justin.

But don’t just take my word for it, find out for yourself by watching this official video clip of Jacob’s songs in Si Jeune:

 A fan site in French


  1. I admit that I do have quite a few CD’s by kids singing in other languages. I enjoy it because it is children singing. But I still think I am probably in a minority and that most people(especially kids) would rather hear singing in their own language. I am willing to consider the possibility that I might be wrong about this. Anyway, his CD’s “Si Jeune” and “Partir pour les etoiles” can be purchased from amazon.ca (Canada). I am very disappointed that my efforts to purchase the actual CD (not a download,please) by Abraham Mateo have been unsuccessful, maybe you can help ?

    • I don`t know where physical CDs can be bought – but may be someone from his fan clubs will know more . The only physical CDs I am getting myself are from the second hand store where they usually cost about 1 or 2 $. Lately I noted that most singers are more happy when they have better online presence than sales of CDs – a change that happened in the past year or so.

  2. I agree with all of the nice comments about this boy. His talent and good looks are obvious. However, if he continues to insist on singing only in French he will be virtually unknown in the USA. He won’t even come close to the super stardom that Justin Bieber enjoys if he doesn’t sing in English. Somebody better clue him in quick.

    • I tend to disagree that everyone should be singing in English. Many singers have an army of devoted fans without necessarily doing that – I can give you Abraham Mateo as an example as I was blown away from the amount of support that he gets from the Spanish speaking fans. Additionally I don`t think that the music business should be necessarily be related to the English language – it may seems so right now because the majority of users of Internet speak English as their first language , yet this is due to change in no so remote future in favor of the Chinese language. And I do know many incredible talented youngsters who sing in Russian.

  3. As usual you beat me to the punch! I have seen all of Jacob’s YT videos and enjoyed everyone of them. In fact I left him messages in hopes of an article. But I will be happy to play second fiddle and do a follow up on him in the future. He is a very talented young man with loads of personality that is clearly demonstrated when he sings. I only wish I understood French better. You would think with all the time I spent in Canada in 2009 that I would have retained something but alas I’m still a single language individual. lol

    I wish Jacob the very best in his future career in music and I know he will only progress and become a more popular young singer as the years go by! Keep up the great work Jacob!

  4. Few years ago every new song of my favorite band excited me greatly – I listened it over and over again , singing along – counting the days until the next release of a single. Trough since that time I have come to like many songs performed my many singers – it was Jacob`s Si Jeune that reminded me what liking a song so much really means.


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