Oleg AleksandrovTheSkyKid.com is constantly searching across the globe for young talent in music and the performing arts. Lately, thanks to the constant development of the social media, by the time a youthful star is “discovered” the word about him has already spread.  Even so, we pride ourselves here at TheSkyKid for spotlighting, not only known and famous stars and actors, but  lesser known ones who come to our attention by various channels – being recommended by our readers, a producer,  friend or sometimes even a random “stumble upon” of a news article or YouTube clip.

In this article, we have the pleasure of introducing Oleg Aleksandrov. He is seven years old, lives in the Ukraine and has a tremendous talent behind the microphone.  Oleg astonishes the audience in each venue he performs, singing covers of such big name performers as Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong and The Beatles. While English is Oleg’s second language, one could hardly know that by watching and listening to this young entertainer.

Below, you can see Oleg performing What a Wonderful World and Love Me Tender during the second day of the first International Children’s Jazz Festival (OKeshkin Jazz) in  Kiev, Ukraine. Oleg Aleksandrov amazed the festival audience with the unexpectedly technically gifted compositions that belied his age — mesmerizing them with his presentation of adult music that possessed such childish sincerity and spirit!

There’s no doubt the world will be hearing much more in the future from this talented young singer.

For more information about Oleg and the festival please refer to the Jazz in Kiev official web site .


  1. i am amazed at the talent of this young boy! i enjoy his singing more than the original singers that have made those songs popular! i, and i’m sure others would love to hear how he is doing. i hope someday he will tour to the united states!

  2. It is too bad you don’t have a link to Oleg’s YouTube channel “Lana111000” (actually his mothers) so people can see his latest videos rather than just the old ones from the Jazz in the Kiev site.

    Oleg is 9 yeas of age now and has improved greatly since the Kiev videos. He also has a few fairly recent videos of him singing in his native language on two other sites “Ukrainiansong” and “Polishsong1” that are not linked to his mothers YT channel ror unknown reasons.

    Take Care,

  3. Thank you for the update Jeff. Truth is that we have noted that quite a few people are looking for information on the young Oleg . His talent really spreads across the globe as far as the fan base is concerned . 

  4. Well just another wonderful little singer. Once his voice matures a little more and he perfects his pitch he is going to be exceptional. I love this song and it seems like more and more youngsters are singing it! Great find Skykid! Thanks for sharing!

    • Fully agree with you Rod.Thanks to the social media the young talents have a chance to shine at a very young age and then its always a pleasure to follow their progress


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