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Jordan Jansen

Jordan JansenJordan Jansen – One of the things about mentoring and supporting young talent is that you get to see them grow and emerge into lives that hold untold dreams. After a while you are able to spot the winners and the ones that will likely breech the barrier of voice change and go on to continue on stage or in film. They have a certain charisma. A certain attitude about how they approach life. One of the most noticeable qualities about those kids is their ability to embrace change. Unlike the rest of the world that seeks complacency, these special youngsters thrive on the excitement of the next change, the next thrill, the next hurtle to jump. They actually thrive on the possibility of the unexpected and the achievement of milestones.

And that description describes Jordan Jansen perfectly. Just when you think you have seen his best, he shows you a new level of talent, a new level of quality, a new persona to present to the world. Like some morphed out human version of an onion, Jordan peels off layer upon layer. Each producing a greater, more refined version of human stardom.

From the very beginning to the current layer of professionalism, Jordan has treated his performances with the same determined professionalism. Another quality found only in the successful. And Jordan began keeping his books in crayon and his first savings account was in a Sponge Bob Square Pants lunch box. Today, he stands proudly before a bank teller, depositing his seed money for the future. All of the equipment he has in his home studio was purchased from his own resources. He has earned his money by working hard to get better, to be better. And then performing at markets, clubs and charity events. Some paid, some just a sharpening stone for his cutting edge talent.

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Jordan accepts input and suggestions for the songs he chooses but generally listens to what is popular and then makes it his own. He sees what works and then incorporates that quality in his own stage persona. He also is able to separate the chaff from the wheat. Negative comments roll off his back like water off a duck. He listens to the quality or constructive criticism and is able to discern, which is which.

But he’s not all business. He budget’s time for his school work as well as time just to be a kid. He enjoys all the things a twelve-year-old kid enjoys. The beach, soccer, video games and of course music.

My predictions for the newly twelve-year-old Jordan Jansen have not changed since day one. He will exceed all expectations and traverse the voice break when it comes in a few years and go on to redefine the term superstar. I will be very surprised if he is not signed to a label or other long term project within the next six months or so.

All I have to say is this; I’m buying front row seats when he tours my section of the U.S.

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  1. Jordan’s uploaded music after the voice change shows a very nasal inflection. I am sure his voice coach or coaches are aware of it. He just needs to keep singing. I have seen nothing at all about it on his fan sites. Maybe this has become acceptable in pop music today. In any event it might change as he matures.

  2. Just made quite an interesting observation – according to Google WebMaster tools Jordan Jansen in in the top of of most frequently used search terms for ( over 17 000 search queries on his name were executed ). This indicated several things : 1st. The interest towards Jordan is peaking significantly in the past few months and 2nd. Bestpi wrote an amazing article ( as we all agree judging from the comments ) about Jordan which resulted in becoming one of the most popular publications on the site .

  3. Love it! Not only is he a worthy singer, but he is self-reliant, ambitious, and just an all around friendly person. I know from my own experiences of talking with him.

  4. Jordan , your super amazing and i bet you've already know that . you're super talented . you've got the voice , you've got the look , you've got everything . people named that perfect . you've got awesome fans from all over the world . and you tried your best to talk to them when there's time . you're the coolest kid i've ever talked to on twitter and i hope you'll get signed soon . and you ever come to my place in Malaysia , i'll definitely attend your concert / tours :D really hope to see you in life . xo

  5. Jordan is a very hard worker and with the ambition he has he will be on top. I have the pleasure of talking with him and his mom fairly regular and I have to agree they are very down to earth and super nice people. They both treat people with respect when talking with or answering comments . It takes not just talent which Jordan has but, the personality , all combined will make him a superstar soon . and I along with the rest of you will be buying a ticket when he comes my way….and if he is not close to where i am in the US I will fly there..I am always on Jordan`s side

  6. Shhhh! We aren't supposed to mention how great Lee-Ann and Andrew are. They are much to shy. She would go ballistic on me if we said things like, they really support Jordan and *never* push him. When a show is offered they explain the commitment and what is expected of him and then just wait to see if he wants to commit to it or not. What he says goes. Or if we were to say that she makes him handle his own books so he is learning the business end of it. Or that they travel tirelessly making sure that Jordan's foods don't cross his allergies or that he has the time he needs to rehearse or what ever need is called upon. (Including toting and setting up equipment.) No Christoff555, we dare not mention any of that or she will have our heads!

  7. Jordan definitely has “the Look”. It's amazing how much talent he has at such a young age and, as bestpi says in the article, he will only get better as he gets older. The other comment I'd have is that he is a genuinely nice person and hasn't let any of the notoriety he's received “go to his head”. He's very grounded and down to earth. Nothing but the best to him as his career continues to blossom!

  8. Hey Whats up SkyKid ? This is a great site , and its awsome to see someone like yourself supporting Jordan so much =) Hes a True Talent who will go sooo far, =D I will always be a Jordaneer Because he will always make me smile =) Not to mention His mass talent, haha =) Ill definitley be commentin on this great site!

  9. I barely known Jordan from Twitter , YouTube and alike – but I know well the author of this article – John ( also known as Bestpi ) and trough him I have been following Jordan during the past several years even if just reflecting the experiences which John had with Jordan and his family. That being said I am also buying a front raw seat when Jordan comes to Spain as part of his international tour ( :

    What really amazes me with Jordan is that his personality managed to attract an army of devoted fans – there is no need to elaborate more on that as you can see that for yourself from the comments left on this article.

    If you digg my blog a bit you will find a post titled : Jordan Jansen at 10, Already an Aussie Ledgend . It was written by the same author who did this one and comparing both will prove his words : “Like some morphed out human version of an onion, Jordan peels off layer upon layer. Each producing a greater, more refined version of human stardom.”

  10. What can I add to these worthy accolades? Only that I agree with every word and as many know have been a very strong supporter of Jordan for a long time now! Jordan not only is talented but has the necessary drive to achieve whatever he sets his mind to. I have so much enjoyed watching his growth and maturity and seeing how he takes on new challenges with ease. I guess you can say I will always be a fan/supporter and hopefully I will be right beside you front row and center stage.

  11. Wonderful article… thanks! I've known Jordan for quite some time and had the pleasure of working on a few productions with him where I produced backing tracks and mixed his vocals. He definitely is a pro, and also a wonderful person, as is his mother, Lee-Anne. I look forward to hearing more from Jordan in the future, and nothing he could do would surprise me… he's simply brilliant!


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