Killing the spot

Killing the Spot

Killing the spot is the second short movie in the series of movie reviews planned to appear at my blog. Just like El Balancín de Iván the film I choosed came from Spain .  Killing the spot is based on the comic counterpart Fernando de Felipe, in the album “Utopia & Marketing”. Its first scene have the typical gore horror feeling which prepares your senses to what you are about to see in the next minutes .

Interview behind the prison bars and flashbacks are the methods of filming in the film. I did not like it – it was too dark for my taste – and the only reason for it to me mentioned at is that it illustrates how a unhealthy upbringing could affect the physiological development of a young person- to such extremes that a monster could be born.

Pork cans. Dolls. Bowling. And plastic. Everything is a nonsense, but at the same time are the elements linked to the mind of the killer, Bill. His psychiatrist, Dr. Basil tries to analyse these elements to understand the reasons that led to the killings .

The film is available at youtube , but the scenes in it are shocking and not reccomendable for anyone younger than 12 . That is why I decided not to embed the film in my blog -and if you are interested – consider yourself as warned and search for them. Of course any comments you may have on the short film or my take on it are welcomed .