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The following review is based on the audio version of the novel Lost Boys . I assume that it follows the novel`s plot – which is why it can be considered a review of the book itself as well.

Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card was a very intriguing novel. When I first picked it up – I expected than it it the author would tell some coming of age tale – probably because of the title of the book. However this turned out not to be the case as I found out in the first hour of listening to the audio recording . By then I was sucked by the story and the characters in it – so the fact that it was not what I expected did not really matter.

Somehow it felt like the whole novel is preparing us for its ending – which by all means is one of the most intriguing endings of a story I have read or heard of. In fact I was so moved by it – that I could not stop thinking of what actually happened – and how the author skillfully lead the readers of his novel to different conclusions , yet developing the story in such a way that one is to remain surprised , amazed and overflown with emotions at the end.

Most of the story in the book focuses  on  a Mormon family dealing with real life. Step Flether,his pregnant wife DeAnne, and their three children move to Steuben, North Carolina. There Step gets a job as a ” manual writer ” in a software company while DeAnne looks after the kids .Their oldest child- the 8-year old Stevie, is having troubles as school which far exceeded the usual “new kid” syndrome.  Affected by that and may be something else Stivie starts imagining fictitious playmates to spend his free time with. His parents worry a lot about those unreal friends of Stivie and attempt to help and understand him .

I honestly thing that writing more about this book will not be beneficial to my review – as if you can read / or listen to Lost Boys like I was doing it ( without having really an idea what it is about ) – you would definitely experience the book and the story in it just as the author intended. In the meantime you would also learn a lot of things about parenting , religion and the nature of humans – things that would make you think more then once. The excellent character development throughout the story is another plus making this book a good read.

I strongly recommend it .

Lost Boys: A Novel by Orson Scott Card Audio Review




  1. I have not read the short story , but I assume that it is interesting – if the book is based on it. As I said in the review a lot of the content of the book represents the family life and the decisions which one has to take everyday – indeed the ending came as a surprise and felt a bit remote from the story itself.

  2. Yeah, Card is a Mormon which, I think, lends extra depth and insight into his work. Religion, spirituality, and humanity are common themes take on a unique role in this author's intriguing stories.

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