Private Lessons

Private lessons is a nice and funny film which would be enjoyed by anyone who remembers his first crushes and emotions. Almost too provocative – for an American comedy that is – it seems to be an early version of the American Pie series , but with a special twist. ( a reverse version of Lolita may be).

The plot is fairly simple – the fifteen years old Philly is a spoiled and horny rich kid who gets seduced by the housekeeper- a women in her thirties . There is a blackmail situation , although it does look a bit out of place. The soundtrack was really nice and I think that the acting was good. Especially of the young Philly as his nervous smile is what stuck to my mind after seeing the movie.

It sure brought some memories to me – I must have had the same smile Philly had in the movie , or being equally nervous when one of my ex-girlfriends ( not that they are too many) once asked me ” Are you sure – this is the first time you are French-kissing with a girl ? ” or a bit latter ” You better stop , because I start feeling all tingly ” – well for one thing I truly did not really know what I was doing or was supposed to do back then . Or when me and my teammates from the swimming team hided behind the bushes or climbed the trees – just to get a glimpse on the girl`s locker room – and ended up getting caught by our trainer eventually.

Private lessons brought back memory of my confused youth life ( not that it is bright and clear now – the life and love in it that is ). It is a fine coming of age movie and I enjoyed watching it. Most people between 12 and 30 would enjoy the movie – as it would be easy for them to associate the feelings / desiresof the main characters with their own .



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