Quake starring Chase Ellison


Quake starring Chase Ellison

It is not everyday that I blog about movie which I haven`t seen yet. However the short movie Quake starring Chase Ellison has been on my list for a long time – and I have to mention its existence in my blog – so some of you may get it . The problem is that its available on itunes for only 2 $ – yet Itunes require an US billing address – which I don`t posses .  The only impression of the movie I have at the moment is from its trailer – but as soon as I manage to find a way to get it I will be sure to update this post with a detailed review.  It must be a good movie judging from its 8.10/10 rating at its imbd page.

The movie is filmed in Los Angeles, California – Chase plays the part of Toby Fisher, a 13 year old boy who has to learn to face his fear of earthquakes when scientists discover a new fault line running through his neighbourhood.

The reason for which the movie remained rather unknown for the wide public is its name – a search for Quake in Internet would bring back a lot of results related to the famous game. In fact there are some people who even think that Quake the movie is about the game – which of course is not the case.

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An update : I finally got a chance to watch the movie and am quite satisfied with it. Its a movie about senses – what a boy can sense – but nobody believed him. Chase acted quite well – in fact what I saw reminding me of a video clip I saw with him – in which he was applying for a role in the film. I guess at some later time I will share this video yoo – if you are interested that is.

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