Ronan Parke

Ronan Parke

Ronan ParkeRonan Parke – a 12-year-old boy from Norwich, England has won himself a lot of fans from around the world with his incredible cover of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good at the third Britain’s Got Talent audition show.  His nervousness did not hinder his performance – instead it made him more sympathetic in the eyes of the viewers and judges.  Once he started singing, the excitement took over and he delivered a performance that “WOW-ed” everyone.

Not surprisingly, the video clip from his audition is now today’s most popular video on YouTube, while his name is quickly becoming a trending topic on Twitter. In addition to that, in just a few days, over one hundred articles about Ronan Parke have been posted in a great variety of online and offline publications.

Ronan ParkeOf course, as with any young performer nowadays who ends up under the spotlights, many people have not missed a chance to compare him with the international pop sensation Justin Bieber. Sometimes such comparisons are really odd, especially when the performers sing in distinct styles – as is the case with the young Ronan. He does not have to worry, however,  because his incredible vocal skills already have made him popular on his own.

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  1. i loved ronan from the minute i saw him walk on that stage and i still love him now<33333 hes a fantastic little boy with an amazing voice and everyone making nasty comment just wants to grow up as there just jelous of him!  his dress sence is adorable so is his hair and hes just sooo sooo cute i love ronan and i hope he keeps up the good work :) i do think you should of won and was gutted to find out that jai won as i sat and cried my eyes out :( the could of only been one winner and that could of been you the least i can say is your fantastic and your gonna go far in life your more than i wished for and just keep up the good work i love you<33333

  2. ;D,i fell in love with him the minute he walked on to the stage for the audition, & still love him now. when i read what the blogger had said about him i was like ‘ah, people, they don’t half get jealous, whoever said those things in the paper must have been bored cos all of the people in brittain (hopefully XD) never believed a word of it.& Its good enough he came second to jai who was also pretty decent but, i do think he could of won:). anywaysm WE <3 YOU RONAN PARKE<3333333

  3. It is quite disappointing that Ronan Parke did not win . I wonder if the last moment made up rumors have something to do with that. Yet Ronan`s soulful performances made him the real winners in the hearts of many people – across the globe unlike some other contenders who only receive local ( UK ) popularity

  4. Ronan should have won, but even so, he will likely have a CD out and I will certainly buy it as well as millions of people. He is truly is going to be a big star.

  5. I hate TV talent shows (bring back New faces!), but this guy is excellent. If only the studio audience could keep quiet during the performance!

    • By now he is sure to be signed after the talent show is over no matter if he is the winner or not. Then we will have some high quality recordings .

  6. This kid is spectacular…WOW!!!! I love everything about him his vocals and control are some of the best ever…this kid is the real deal and deserves the very best

  7. Also from the U.K worth checking out is George Mercer, he is a tenor only 16. Does an awesome job of “You Raise Me Up” on youtube…

  8. I stumled upon Ronans youtube-video just yesterday actually and i was really amazed.

    It shall certainly be interesting to follow the Britain’s got talent show and see how it goes for him there, even if he doesn’t win i am pretty sure that some record company etc will make sure that he’ll get the publicity that he deserves.

    • Even if you can`t tell by the amount of comments ( thanks for leaving one ) – Roban`s article on receives quite an attention ever since it was published . It reminds me of the first days when Grayson Chance went under the spotlight . ( by the way the youtube video has embedding disabled – can`t believe that there are people who still do that )


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