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Danish cinema

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Wallah Be (2002)

A stray dog and a song contest test a young boy's mettle in this Danish Coming-of-Age film.

I am William (2017)

An uplifting Coming-of-Age flick from Denmark, I am William is a nice family friendly film with a pleasant aesthetic and a lovable central character.

Møv og Funder (1991)

Despite its relatively short screen time, Møv og Funder's simple narrative is filled with nuances that make it intriguing and action that makes it intense and a joy to watch.

The Song (2009)

This Danish film explores issues such as forgotten feelings, father-son relationships and bullying. Highly Recommended!

Eye of the Eagle (1997)

With characters in the film based on actual historical figures from Danish history, Eye of the Eagle is a medieval adventure that has all it takes to keep viewers of all ages glued to the screen.

Den sidste viking

Review of the Danish adventure " Den sidste viking " . A serious and dark coming of age film about the boys journey towards himself.