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Baby Bump (2015)

A provocative, even vulgar at times, portrayal of growing up from a child's perspective.

Bloody Kids (1979)

A dark story of a disturbed youth who persuades his easily-led school friend to take part in a prank that goes too far.

Tommy (2011)

Combining grotesque fantasy and reality, Tommy shows the influence dysfunctional families can have on children in a manner that is sometimes shocking.

The Darkness is Close Behind (2011)

The Darkness is Close Behind is a story of failures, maturity and responsibility that won't leave you indifferent.

The Son of the Shark (1993)

The Son of the Shark follows the harsh life and adventures of two 10-year-old brothers through their rebellion against society, with all its norms and expectations.

I Want To Be A Soldier (2010)

The issue of how children are affected by violence in the media today is not a new one....I found this film very disturbing and it got me thinking about the violence children are exposed to via various media and games they play these days. Whether violence in the various media and in video games that children play these days negatively affects them or not, Director Christian Molina has stated in an interview that he "wanted to educate the viewer to draw his own conclusions". In "I Want To Be A Soldier", he's met his goal.

I’m Not Scared (2003)

A story of children and adults, of innocence and evil, friendship and cruelty, is the world of the prepubertal seen through the eyes of the protagonist.

Children Underground

Children Underground is one of the most astonishing and disturbing documentary movies I have seen. Its director Edet Belzberg succeeded to present a real...

Innocent voices (2004)

Being a powerful drama based on real events - Innocent voices made a direct entry in my all times favorite movie list.