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    first love

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    Daniel fait face (2018)

    Daniel, 10 years old, gets lost in the school corridors. He catches Marthe changing in the dressing room. Between the two children a new relationship will be forged.

    Felix (2007)

    12-year-old Felix (Max Wrobel) has been chatting online with a girl from his city for quite a while. Yet even though they live nearby,...

    The New Kid (2015)

    The New Kid is a Coming-of-Age flick which delivers the right doses of comedy and drama to engage and entertain - the best French Coming-of-Age film I have seen. A MUST SEE!

    The Year I Became a Liar (2009)

    A heartwarming and original flick well-worth anyone's time and guaranteed to please viewers of all ages.

    Who Are The Superheroes? (2012)

    A simple yet sweet and heartwarming story about first love.

    The World of Ludovic (1993)

    For those who have read Romeo and Juliet - and liked it - you would also enjoy The World of Ludovic as a prime example of good European Coming-of-Age cinema.

    The Color of Milk (2004)

    Three young Norwegian girls deal with peer pressure and expectations of "normality", in The Color of Milk, a typical character based Coming-of-Age drama with romance nuances.

    14+ (2015)

    An accurate portrayal of what it is like to be a teenager nowadays, presented in a thoughtful and honest manner.

    The Quarry (2010)

    A nostalgic short film of first love -- a sweet and tender story that is beautiful in its simplicity.